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Marketing and Selling Your Film Around the World: A Guide for Independent Filmmakers

Marketing and Selling Your Film Around the World<br> by John Durie, Annika Pham and Neil Watson Marketing and Selling Your Film Around the World: A Guide for Independent Filmmakers
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Author: John Durie, Annika Pham and Neil Watson
Publisher: Silman-James Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 166
Pub. Date: 2000
ISBN-10: 1879505436
ISBN-13: 9781879505438

About the Book:

The various overseas film markets, especially Europe and parts of Asia, have always been financially important outlets for Independent films, but never more than they are now. The current worldwide hunger for Independent movies seems insatiable, and foreign sales are an indispensable economic element of almost every Independent film, large or small. In fact, some Independent movies that fail to play well to the US audience are able to recoup their expenses and show respectable profits purely on the strength of overseas audiences.

Marketing and Selling Your Film Around the World guides independent producers, both seasoned professionals and first-timers, through the business practices of international sales agents, distributors, and exhibitors. It includes essential information and advice on such subjects as securing a sales agent, providing agents and distributors with necessary promotional materials, working the film markets and festivals, and understanding the audience demographics and the industry business practices peculiar to specific territories.

What people say:

"The definitive book of what every producer needs to know to get a film to the cinema screen. A how-to bible for independent producers everywhere." — Wendy Palmer, former CEO of United Artists Films

"Marketing is now accepted as a crucial element in getting a flim made and seen. This book covers the essentials that independent producers need to bring their projects to fruition in the international marketplace." — Marc Samuelson, Samuelson Productions

"This book covers every area of film marketing that every independent film producer, big or small, needs to know. Indispensable." — Tim Bevans, Working Title Films

About the Authors:

John Durie has worked on the international marketing of films by some of the world's tip independent filmmmakers, including Robert Altman, David Lynch, Joel and Ethan Coen, David Mamet, Tim Robbins, Wim Wenders, and Pedro Almodovar.

Annika Pham is a freelance writer, translator, and researcher specializing in the film industry.

Neil Watson is an independent writer and consultant specializing in the film and entertainment industries.