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Monologues and More: A Relevant Approach to High School Solo Performance

Monologues and More by Harvey E. Ostroff Monologues and More: A Relevant Approach to High School Solo Performance
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Author: Harvey E. Ostroff
Publisher: Theatre To Go
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 128

About the Book:

During his thirty-four years teaching drama in the public school system, Harvey S. Ostroff developed a senior class project that would culminate with the performance of two contrasting monologues. This was the Drama final. Marks were allotted for a whole list of variables based on vocal delivery, physical aspects of character, emotional clarity, effect on the audience and so on.

The actors in his classes took up the challenge and did their best. However, there was one major obstacle to overcome… it’s always difficult to find monologues that are suitable or relevant to the students’ experiences. As well, since most auditors want to see the actor perform as naturally as possible, playing a character much older or beyond the realm of that actor’s experience is often detrimental to the effectiveness of the presentation.

It was an epiphany. Why not try his hand at writing original pieces for serious senior high school students? The result is Monologues and More which will be appealing, relevant and accessible to young thespians. Every monologue in this book is to be played by an actor between the ages of 15 and 19.

What people say:

"My students praised the selections. They said there was something that each of them could relate to. I found the collection easy to use and the performances were wonderful. Both the students and myself found the monologues relevant to their lives and deep enough to get a lot out of each performance. I can highly recommend Harvey Ostroff’s monologues for use in the classroom." — Stan Engstrom, teacher

About the Author:

Harvey Ostroff is a Canadian educator, playwright, actor and artist. He spent 34 years as a high school drama teacher, and also managed to write, direct and produce a large number of plays, acted, did voiceover work and presented theatre workshops. Now retired from teaching, he is active as a playwright and workshop leader. He lives in Ocean Park, BC.