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Musician's Business and Legal Guide

Musician's Business and Legal Guide
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Edited by: Mark Halloran
Publisher: Routledge
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 480
Pub. Date: 2001
ISBN-10: 0130316814
ISBN-13: 9780130316813

About the Book:

There can probably never be too many of these nuts-and-bolts guides, and this text, presented by the Beverly Hills Bar Association Committee for the Arts, is a handy work. The Musician's Business and Legal Guide provides vital information to help demystify the music business and the complex body of law that shapes it.

This large-format paperback covers the basics of the business in simple, crisp terms. Editor Mark Halloran and a battery of prominent entertainment lawyers and business experts take on such topics as management, live gigs, publicity, copyrights, performance rights, recording contracts, film and TV music, and even band breakups in easy-to-understand language. The Musician's Business and Legal Guide answers such questions as how to protect name and copyright; what is and is not legal about sampling; what are the legal issues surrounding digital downloads and streaming; what are the jobs of managers, talent agents and publishers; what are common contractual relationship between independent and major labels. The sections analyzing contracts for record deals, music publishing, management, and producer agreements paragraph by paragraph are particularly valuable.

What people say:

"Any musician who feels all at sea when confronting the business side of the job can get what he or she needs from this source." — Billboard Magazine

"A must-have, must-read text for the performing or recording musician ... the best investment a musician could ever make." — Mix Magazine

"Gets to the heart of matters while being easy to understand ... a must for all professional musicians." — Guitar Player Magazine

"Oh, what I would give to have known these things 40 years ago! Over the years, I have had to search for information that is in this book in many different places. What a godsend it is to have it all in one place with fabulous input from professionals in the business who have been there before us and who are still my peers and friends. Thank you Beverly Hills Bar Association." — Judy Collins, International Recording Star

"Talent is still essential, but success in today's music industry also requires knowledge. This book provides it, covering a remarkable range of topics with clarity and depth. It gives you the confidence to take charge of your career, and the savvy to understand the complexities. Keep it close by – it is your security blanket." — Don Gorder, chair, music business/music management department, Berklee College of Music

About the Author:

Mark Halloran, is a music and film attorney, is a principal of Halloran Law Corporation. In his studio days, he was Vice President, Feature Business Affairs at Universal Pictures, and Business Affairs Counsel at Orion Pictures. He specializes in entertainment financing, production and distribution, and acts as an expert witness in film, television and music litigation. He is the editor of The Musicians Business and Legal Guide.