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Nonlinear Editing Basics

Nonlinear Editing Basics
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Author: Steven E. Browne
Publisher: Focal Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 224
Pub. Date: 1998
ISBN-10: 0240802829
ISBN-13: 9780240802824

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About the Book:

An essential guide for the student or professional to understanding nonlinear editing.

Not a technical manual, Nonlinear Editing Basics is an easy-to-understand guide to film and video post-production, which incorporates the basics of nonlinear editing along with the telecine bay, three two pulldown, and simple operation of five important and powerful editing systems. The author Steven E. Browne incorporates his experience with the Editbox, Media 100, Avid Lightworks, and DVision to bring not only an overview of the nonlinear process, but to describe the basic operation of each of these powerful editors.

Regardless of whether one is looking for film or video information, this text explains the basics of both, as well as how they are interrelated. If there is a film project to be finished on video or a video project to finish in the nonlinear editor, the answer to how it is done can be found in this book.

Starting with film and video basics, this book explains the integration of the nonlinear editor, as well as why some projects continue to cut workprint alongside the nonlinear editor. Nonlinear Editing Basics addresses the use of the electronic editors to complete feature films in record time, in addition to the dangers of cutting on these quick and sometimes too powerful systems.

The nonlinear editor can be mastered quickly and efficiently if the overall concept is understood. This text not only offers a clear, concise conceptual understanding, but also gives practical operation techniques using specific machines.

About the Author:

Steven E. Browne is Senior Editor at New Wave Entertainment, a postproduction company in Burbank, California. He has been an editor for over 25 years, working on television series, commercials, documentaries, and art projects.