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Orson Welles: The Stories of His Life

Orson Welles: The Stories of His Life
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Author: Peter Conrad
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Format: Hardcover
# of Pages: 368
Pub. Date: 2003
ISBN-10: 0571209785
ISBN-13: 9780571209781

About the Book:

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Author Peter Conrad examines the mercurial life and work of Orson Welles the enigmatic maestro who made Citizen Kane, remembered to this day as the greatest of all motion pictures.

In death, Orson Welles remains a legendary, outsized, and ambiguous figure. Peter Conrad's study is a critical biography of Orson Welles, viewing the man through the optic of his sprawling and yet utterly singular body of work. This is not a debunking of the well-aired Welles-as-Genius myth so much as an attempt to identify and examine the wellsprings of his polymorphous gifts.

At times (and fittingly, given his well-known fondness for magic) Orson Welles seemed to be capable of anything; and yet finally he achieved only a fraction of what he had hoped to. Peter Conrad goes in search of the man through expert examination of the many and varied personae that Welles adopted — from Faust to Falstaff, The Shadow to Harry Lime — in a life lived at large across stage, screen, and airwaves.

What people say:

"Peter Conrad is that rare thing, a British academic with a sharp, stimulating prose style and an infectious enthusiasm for the complexities of his subject ... Conrad celebrates the contradictions and untruths that some [other] commentators have bust their guts attempting to eradicate. His interest is not in cracking the carapace of myth that accrued around Welles, but in examining how, Quixote-like, he was both sustained and imprisoned by this armour." — The Independent (UK)

"Reading Conrad, and seeing the connections he makes, is to realise that Welles encompassed not just the history of the twentieth century, but the history of the world.." — The Observer (UK)

About the Author:

Peter Conrad was born in Australia, and since 1973 has taught English literature at Christ Church, Oxford. He has published 19 books on a variety of subjects.