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Paul Meier Dialect Services: The Northern Ireland Dialect

Paul Meier Dialect Services <em>Northern Ireland</em> by Paul Meier Paul Meier Dialect Services: The Northern Ireland Dialect
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Author: Paul Meier
Publisher: Paul Meier Dialect Services
Format: Booklet and CD

About the Booklet and CD:

Paul Meier, a leading teacher of accents and dialects, and dialect coach for theatre and film, has helped actors the world over for more than 40 years with his booklets and CDs, to improve their "acting with an accent."

The Northern Ireland Dialect (approximately 20 pages and 30 minutes of recording on the accompanying CD), is one in Paul Meier's acclaimed dialect instruction series, easy enough for the beginner, yet rigorous enough for the most experienced professional.

Using the booklet and CD's clear demonstration and simple exercises, no matter what your level of training, you will quickly become proficient in The Northern Ireland Dialect you need in films, theatre, TV, radio, voice-over, ventriloquism, and stand-up comedy. These proven materials demonstrate all the "signature sounds" of the dialect in simple word lists, then in practice sentences, and finally in more challenging practice material. Paul Meier also demonstrates rhythm, intonation, and tonal placement.

All practice sentences and monologues are expressed both in the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A.) and in Paul Meier's successful "number keying" system for the non-I.P.A. user. He concludes the booklet and CD by speaking two great audition monologues (one male and one female) from a play or film in The Northern Ireland Dialect.

About the Author:

Paul Meier is a dialect coach for theatre and film; a voice-over artist with many commercials and audio books to his credit; a theatre professor specializing in voice, speech, dialect, and heightened text; and works with clients on accent reduction and English as a Second Language (ESL). This has been his calling for over 40 years, both in his native London, in the United States where he is now based, and all over the world.

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