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Plays and Playwrights: 2006

Plays and Playwrights 2006 by Edited by Martin Denton<br>Foreword by Trav S. D. Plays and Playwrights: 2006
Your Price: $18.95 CDN
Edited by: Martin Denton
Foreword by: Trav S.D.
Publisher: The New York Theatre Experience
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 440
Pub. Date: 2006
ISBN-10: 0967023475
ISBN-13: 9780967023472

About the Plays:

This anthology contains the following complete plays from off-off-Broadway, which were originally produced in New York City during the 2004-2005 theatre season. Edited by Martin Denton, with a foreword by Trav S.D., the book also includes biographical data about all of the featured playwrights, an extensive introductory essay, and a 64-page appendix listing new American plays produced in New York City during the season.

The Top Ten People of the Millennium Sing Their Favorite Schubert Lieder by Alec Duffy
Einstein, Galileo, Copernicus, and Karl Marx meet in the hereafter. Alec Duffy is a Drama League Directing Fellow and is a graduate of Duke University.

Burning the Old Man by Kelly McAllister
Two brothers who can't stand each other have 24 hours left to fulfill their dad's dying wish to have his ashes scattered at Burning Man. When their car goes up in smoke near a seedy motel in the desert, they’re forced to confront their worst enemy: themselves. (Winner of the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Best Full Length Play.) Kelly McAllister was raised in California and is an actor and director in addition to a playwright.

Self at Hand by Jack Hanley
Three linked one-acts that look at the dehumanizing effects of technology. Jack Hanley holds a B.A. in psychology from Rutgers University and an MFA in creative writing from The New School.

The Expense of Spirit by Josh Fox
A holiday celebration at a Brooklyn video store is interrupted by emissaries from the War in Iraq. Josh Fox is a graduate of Columbia University and a native New Yorker who has lived in four Asian countries and traveled to 17 others.

Paradise by Glyn O'Malley
The human toll of war, as experienced during the Intifada in Israel and Palestine. Glyn O'Malley (now deceased) was the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, has written and/or directed more than 40 plays and served as Literary Manager for The Edward F. Albee Foundation.

Yit, Ngay (One, Two) by Michael Lew
Four sisters—two brought up in China, two born in America—talk about family. Michael Lew is a Yale graduate, class of 2003 and is an alumnus of the Lincoln Center Directors' Lab.

Pulling the Lever by Rising Circle Theater Collective
A docudrama gives voice to America's seldom-heard on the eve of the Election of 2004. Lead writers are Sanjit de Silva, who holds a graduate degree in acting from New York University and Deepa Purohit who holds degrees from Northwestern and Columbia Universities.

The Position by Kevin Doyle
Six men deal with the sometimes terrifying ritual of the job interview in Corporate America. Kevin Doyle is a playwright and director with a degree in Drama Studies.

The Dirty Talk by Michael Puzzo
A contemporary comedy about two men stranded together in a New Jersey cabin on a stormy night. Michael Puzzo is an actor and playwright and long time member of the LAByrinth Theatre Company.

The First Time Out of Bounds by P. Seth Bauer
A short play about two teenagers exploring sex and love. (Recipient of the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Best Short Play.) P. Seth Bauer holds an MFA in Playwriting and has written several other award winning plays.

Aurolac Blues by Saviana Stanescu
Two Romanian street kids dream of an idealized life in America. Saviana Stanescu was born and brought up in Romania, where many of her plays have been performed. She teaches at New York University.

The Whore of Sheridan Square by Michael Baron
A paean to Charles Ludlam, by way of Sunset Boulevard. Michael Baron was born in Florida and holds a MFA in directing and has taught at several prominent universities.

Appendix: New American Plays in New York
A directory of new American plays produced in New York City which will provide a detailed view of the vitality and diversity of American dramatic literature. An invaluable resource to all those interested in current drama; indispensable to academics, producing organizations, theatre goers, and historians.

About the Editor:

Martin Denton is the Executive Director of The New York Theatre Experience, Inc. (NYTE), a nonprofit theatre advocacy and support organization.