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Author: Tony Burgess
Publisher: Playwrights Canada Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 65
Pub. Date: 2015
ISBN-10: 1770914420
ISBN-13: 9781770914421
Cast Size: 2 women, 4 men

About the Play:

Pontypool is a full-length drama by Tony Burgess. In the sleepy town of Pontypool no one is safe from a mysterious new virus so devastating it will leave you literally speechless. Based on Pontypool Changes Everything, the cult horror novel-turned-film-turned-radio play by Tony Burgess, this suspenseful stage adaptation merges mystery and thoughtful dash of societal commentary with America's zombie obsession. And leaves us wondering if our words can, in fact, pronounce the end of humanity.

Pontypool follows a radio DJ who tracks a frightening new virus as it spreads through his small town. Disgraced shock jock Grant Mazzy has hit rock bottom. The one time popular morning zoo radio announcer has wound up doing traffic and temperature at a small station in the even smaller town of Pontypool, Ontario. Other than Grant's bizarre encounter with a babbling woman on the way to work, it's a typical small-time news day. And then the calls start to pour in; people are talking about bizarre mob attacks, military quarantines, and people eating other people. As reports of escalating violence in the streets come in, tensions rise in the basement studio where Mazzy continues to broadcast and the staff must ask, Is this just fake news? Is Mazzy a victim of a small town prank? And if it is not a prank, will anyone survive?

Pontypool was first produced in 2012 by Strawdog Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. It is was adapted for the stage from a 2009 CBC radio play by Tony Burgess. The radio script was, in turn, an adaptation of his screenplay for the 2008 horror movie of the same name. And the movie was based on his 1995 novel, Pontypool Changes Everything, part of the author's Pontypool Trilogy.

Cast: 2 women, 4 men

What people say:

"Pontypool proves that in horror, less is often more and what is suggested can be just as dark as what is shown. It plays like the twisted terror found in the pulp classic EC comics, with a slight hint of WKRP and a gnarly squib. It's fast. It's fun and it's a frightening treat for both horror and theater fans alike." — Chicago Stage Review

"Pontypool will elevate your heart rate following the tried-and-true formula for building a horror mystery: tension to fear to fully realized horror. A mystical twist brings new life to an overdone genre, and prevents you from predicting any outcomes." — Time Out Chicago

"…Pontypool is as much fun as a trip to the haunted house." — NewCity Stage

"Pontypool is a potentially chilling illustration of the dangers of repetition without critical thought as a means of enslavement." — Chicago Theater Beat

About the Playwright:

Tony Burgess is a Canadian playwright, screenwriter, and novelist. His most notable works include the novel, Pontypool Changes Everything and the screenplay for the film adaptation of that same novel, Pontypool.