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Real Screenwriting

Real Screenwriting
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Author: Ron Suppa
Publisher: Course Technology
Format: Hardcover
# of Pages: 432
Pub. Date: 2005
ISBN-10: 1592009573
ISBN-13: 9781592009572

About the Book:

Screenplays: The cornerstone of any film. There are thousands of them out there and thousands of people trying to write them and sell them. Story, characters, structure, format, theme, etc., are the nuts and bolts that make up a screenplay, and all are important to the success of a finished product. But other factors are involved in the screenwriter's product today, and those involve marketability, pitching, contacts, etc. It's the balance of the art and the business that is screenwriting today.

Real Screenwriting by Ron Suppa provides the real deal on the art, craft, business and everyday life of a screenwriter. Written by a former entertainment lawyer turned successful Hollywood film producer and produced screenwriter, and gleaned from the author's popular screenwriting seminars at UCLA Extension school, Real Screenwriting provides you with the inspiration and tools you need to get your stories on the page, and eventually onto the screen.

Ron Suppa also presents personal "in the trenches" anecdotes and provides you with invaluable insider tips and strategies, plus the helpful Hollywood survival skills every screenwriter needs to write a marketable screenplay, network yourself, get an agent, protect your work, make the deal, and develop a writing career.

Subtitled Strategies and Stories from the Trenches this book also conveys a taste of what the real world of professional screenwriting is like to help you compete as an insider in Hollywood:
• Delves into deeper screenwriting essentials, beyond how-to and into what's next, for a complete guide.
• Author is a working screenwriter, script consultant, and instructor at UCLA.
• Covers the business side of screenwriting, including the pitch.

What people say:

"There is quite simply no other screenplay guru around that has the industry-tested, well-rounded credentials of Ron Suppa." — The London Sunday Times

About the Author:

Ron Suppa has long-term experience as an entertainment attorney, studio and production company executive, and writer or producer of more than a dozen feature films. He is a script doctor and production consultant for producers, directors, writers, actors, international production companies and nearly every major Hollywood studio.