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Robert Wise On His Films

Robert Wise On His Films
Your Price: $26.95 CDN
Author: Sergio Leemann
Foreword by: Arthur Hiller and Nelson Gidding
Publisher: Sillman-James
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 224
Pub. Date: 1995
ISBN-10: 187950524X
ISBN-13: 9781879505247

About the Book:

Robert Wise, winner of multiple Academy Awards and a legion of other honours, is one of America's most celebrated and influential directors. His life in the film industry has spanned six decades and, before embarking on his illustrious directorial career, included editing such notable films as Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons.

Among the most popular classics he has directed:
• Curse of the Cat People
• The Body Snatcher
• Blood on the Moon
• The Set-Up
• The Day the Earth Stood Still
• Executive Suite
• Somebody Up There Likes Me
• Run Silent, Run Deep
• I Want to Live!
• Odds Against Tomorrow
• West Side Story
• Two for the Seesaw
• The Haunting
• The Sound of Music
• The Sand Pebbles
• The Andromeda Strain
• Audrey Rose
• Star Trek — The Motion Picture

Each of the thirty-nine films that Wise has directed is presented here in photographs, a complete cast and credits listing, a story synopsis, and most importantly, Robert Wise's own comments.

Robert Wise on His Films is illustrated with 270 photographs and includes a short biographical portrait of Wise that draws heavily on his own words and Forewords by director Arthur Hiller and screenwriter Nelson Gidding.

What people say:

"Robert Wise is a brilliant director. The Set-Up is one of my favorite films of all time. Robert Wise is also one of the finest people I have ever known. We are indeed lucky to, at last, have a book that celebrates his great career." — John Frankenheimer

"I can think of no one who knows the path from editing room to director's chair better than Bob Wise. His path is paved with milestones." — Richard Fleischer

"A father figure to many of us in the film industry … It would be such a gain for us all if we had more Robert Wises in the world." — Arthur Hiller

"I loved working with Bob Wise because he had the ability to combine a fine talent for editing with the skills of a dynamic director, and he also knew the exact proportions for a great gin martini." — Rita Moreno

"Incredible perfectionist in directing and in living, Bob Wise has turned four of my sow's-ear screenplays into the silk-purse films that seem destined to live on forever. On top of that, he has been my warm friend for over forty years. I have been truly blessed." — Ernest Lehman

"Robert Wise is easily the most creative director I’ve ever worked with. When you combine his creativity with his enormous generosity to his cast and crew, working with him is a stimulating experience." — Saul Chaplin

"Robert Wise sets up a creative environment for actors to function in. He is a very patient man who us more in tune with his actors than any other director I’ve worked with." — Mako

"I can't think of many careers as durable or as varied as Robert Wise's; he’s also one of the most articulate directors I've ever heard on the subject of moviemaking and the diverse elements (both human and otherwise) that combine to produce a motion picture." — Leonard Maltin

"Robert Wise is one of the movies’ master craftsmen. The quality and range of his work is astonishing and encompasses some of the best and the most beloved movies of the past half century. This great career has long deserved the kind of serious, comprehensive study that Sergio Leeman provides in this, the first book about it. Everyone who cares about the movies is in his debt — and, of course, Robert Wise's ." — Richard Schickel