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The Robin Hood Caper

The Robin Hood Caper
Your Price: $17.95 CDN
Author: Fred Carmichael
Publisher: Samuel French (cover image may change)
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 90
Pub. Date: 2011
ISBN-10: 0573614849
ISBN-13: 9780573614842
Cast Size: 4 female, 6 male

About the Play:

The Robin Hood Caper is a full-length comedy by Fred Carmichael. A twist on the Robin Hood fable with heroes and villains, a career to save and a romance. The Robin Hood Capers is about a group of old friends who have all retired from lives of crime and now devote their talents to the better use of helping others. A young couple must be united, a muckraking newspaper saved and a corrupt mayor dealt with. Love triumphs and the villains get their just desserts.

The Robin Hood Caper revolves around a gang of four elderly friends, all retired criminals who have repented and now have a penchant for ripping off the rich to help the less fortunate. They meet semi-annually to report to each other on their noble pursuits within their private club "Charities Anonymous." Flora, a light-fingered shoplifter and pickpocket, is joined by Philip, a master forger, signing over big checks with others' signatures, Emily, whose specialty is marrying men (often more than one at a time), to procure their life insurance, alimony payments and benefits, and Jason, a chameleon-like character and master of multiple roles he tailors to suit whatever the senior-citizen gang gets up to. Their meeting this season is in the home of Flora's nephew, a small town newspaper man. It turns out that the nephew, Richard, is about to lose his newspaper because of an article he wrote exposing the graft of the town's mayor. The seniors, of course, have to get involved in the battle to save both the newspaper and the romance between Richard and his fiancée, Jessica. In the end, the secrets are revealed, love triumphs, and the real bad guys get their proper punishment.

The Robin Hood Caper premiered in 1962 at the Dorset Playhouse in Dorset, Vermont by the Caravan Theatre Summer Stock Company. It's been a popular and a favourite play for community theatre productions ever since.

Cast: 4 female, 6 male

What people say:

"The proof of a comedy is in the audience's laughter and this is packed with it." — Bennington Banner

"Where other playwrights strike for the heart. Carmichael strikes the funny one...horseplay unlimited with generous helpings of satire." — Rutland Herald

About the Playwright:

Fred Carmichael (1924-2009) was a prolific American playwright and actor. After years of touring and summer stock theatre, he and his director wife decided to have their own theatre and moved to Dorset, Vermont in 1949 and began a long running relationship with the Dorset Players until 1976, producing a full season of summer theatre. From the early 1950s through the mid-1990s, he wrote over 50 comedies and murder-mystery comedies many of which premiered at the Dorset Playhouse. It was once said about his plays that "Fred Carmichael is a deft plotter – crucial to the mystery form – but his light touch turns standard whodunits into comedic soufflés.