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The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show
Your Price: $17.95 CDN
Author: Richard O'Brien
Publisher: Samuel French (cover may change)
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 54
Pub. Date: 2011
Edition: Acting
ISBN-10: 0573681120
ISBN-13: 9780573681127
Cast Size: 3 female, 7 male

About the Play:

The Rocky Horror Show is a full-length musical, dark comedy by Richard O'Brien. A newly-engaged couple find themselves seeking shelter at a mysterious old castle on a dark and stormy night, where they encounter a crazy transvestite scientist, his "perfect" creation Rocky, and an assortment of other crazy creatures.

The Rocky Horror Show is a modern classic musical tribute of the golden age of Sci-Fi "B Movies." Young, naive couple Brad and Janet are celebrating their engagement when their car breaks down in the most unlikely of places. They soon find themselves at a mysterious castle in the middle of night, where a mad scientist Dr. Frank N Furter (who's also a "Sweet Tranvsestite") is about to unveil his greatest creation, a Charles Atlas inspired Frankenstein's monster. This rock and roll musical comedy features many hit songs, including the notorious "Time Warp". The Rocky Horror Show celebrates diversity, accessibility and artistic freedom.

The Rocky Horror Show premiered in 1973 at the Royal Court Theatre (Upstairs) in London before moving to several other locations in London and closing in 1980. The show became both a critical and commercial success and became the "it" thing to do in London during that time. Due to its high success in London, the show came to the U.S. and premiered at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles in 1974, and on Broadway at the Belasco Theatre in New York City in 1975.

Cast: 3 female, 7 male

What people say:

"A socko wacko weirdo rock concert." — WNBC TV

"A musical that deals with mutating identity and time warps becomes one of the most mutated, time-warped phenomena in show business." — The New York Times

"Campy trash." — Time

"One of the '10 most influential postwar British plays." — The Guardian (UK)

About the Playwright:

Richard O'Brien is an English writer, actor, television presenter and theatre performer. He is best known for writing the cult musical The Rocky Horror Show and for his role in presenting the popular TV show The Crystal Maze. As well as writing the stage show, he also co-wrote and starred in the 1975 film adaptation, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, reprising the role of Riff Raff. The stage show has been in almost continuous production and the movie version, which has been in continuous release, is one of the best known and most ardently followed cult films of all time.