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Romantic Comedies: These Films Can Save Your Love Life!

Romantic Comedies: These Films Can Save Your Love Life!
Your Price: $29.95 CDN
Author: Pamela Jaye Smith
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 252
Pub. Date: 2017
ISBN-10: 1615932518
ISBN-13: 9781615932511

About the Book:

Unlike film guides that list films alphabetically, give production facts, and offer rather dry descriptions, this book is designed to help people better understand themselves, their loved ones, and their romantic situations... or lack thereof. Scientific studies show that couples who watch romantic movies together and then discuss them and their feelings about them have a much higher "stay-together rate" than couples who enter traditional therapy. This fun and colourful rom-com movie guide can help people find the perfect film to match their mood, put them in a different mood, bring up things hard to talk about, or generally improve their romantic well-being.

What people say:

"I will give this book to couples I know who can learn from it and be inspired by it. The author's words remind me what romantic stories are all about." - Pam Wallace, cowriter, Academy Award-winning film Witness

"Don't be surprised if you discover the answers to those puzzling romantic situations we've all experienced!" - Kathie Fong Yoneda, author, The Script-Selling Game

"I will no longer be watching rom-coms alone with a cheesecake. I'll watch them with my girlfriend, to prevent that from ever happening." - Scott Perlman, writer/director

About the Author:

Pamela Jaye Smith is a writer, international consultant and speaker, and award-winning producer/director with over 30 years experience in features, TV, music videos, commercials, documentaries, corporate, and military films. She helps storytellers of all types and in all genres enhance their projects with mythic themes, archetypes, and symbols. She has taught at Screenwriting EXPO, UCLA, American Film Institute, USC Film School, RAI-TV Rome, National Film Institute of Denmark, Women In Film, LA and Marseille WebFests, and many other types of venues. She has 8 years formal training in Comparative Mysticism, was in a military think-tank during the Bill Clinton years, and is a Master Mason in a co-ed Lodge.

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