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Saga of the Wet Hens

Saga of the Wet Hens
Your Price: $17.95 CDN
Author: Jovette Marchessault
Translated by: Linda Gaboriau
Publisher: Talonbooks
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 134
Pub. Date: 1983
ISBN-10: 0889222134
ISBN-13: 9780889222137

About the Play:

Saga of the Wet Hens (English-language version of La saga des poules mouillées) is a full-length drama by Jovette Marchessault, translated by Linda Gaboriau. In the Promised Land in the North of the Americas, four Québec women writers meet at the heart of a fabulous vortex, beyond ordinary time and place.

In this play about women's creativity, four Québec writers — Laura Conan (The Ancestress), Germaine Guèvremont (The Islander), Gabrielle Roy (Little Crow), and Anne Hébert (Cloud Dancer) — meet, and perform six tableaux. Onstage, the women talk and gallop, they sit and rock; they descend from the heavens like angels, they menstruate, they sing; they bake bread, they eat, they say Mass; they trade secrets, recite poetry, share their hopes and fears, their dreams and private terrors; they look into history, decide to collaborate, they write; they become hens, they support and give birth to each other — and to all women everywhere.

Saga of the Wet Hens is the first full-length play by Jovette Marchessault and a major poetic dramatic literary work.

Cast: 4 women.

What people say:

"A celebratory experience for both cast and audience, a presentation of the female condition in both its pain and its exultation, set to rich, poetic music." — Now (Toronto)

About the Playwright:

Jovette Marchessault (1938 – 2012) was a Canadian novelist, a playwright and a sculptor from Montréal, Québec. Self-taught, her poignant work is marked by the harsh realities of her working-class adolescence. As a visual artist, she had over thirty solo exhibitions of her work in Québec, Toronto, New York, and Brussels. Her novels have won the Prix France-Québec, the Grand Prix Littéraire Journal de Montréal, and the Grand Prix Littéraire de la ville de Sherbrooke, and the Governor General's Award. She is also the author of a dozen plays, some of which have also been published and produced in English.

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