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Save the Cat! Strikes Back

Save the Cat! Strikes Back
Your Price: $25.95 CDN
Author: Blake Snyder
Publisher: Save the Cat! Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 200
Pub. Date: 2009
ISBN-10: 0984157603
ISBN-13: 9780984157600

About the Book:

Get ready to face trouble like a pro… and strike back! 

With Save the Cat! Strikes Back, author Blake Snyder has delivered the book countless readers and students have clamoured for. Inspired by questions from his workshops, lectures, and emails, Blake Snyder has listened and delivers new tips, tactics, and techniques to solve your writing problems and create stories that resonate:

• The 7 warning signs you might have a great idea ─ or not
• The sure-fire template for can't-miss loglines
• The difference between structure and formula
• The Transformation Machine that allows you to track your hero's growth step-by-step
• The 5 questions to keep your story's spine straight
• The 5-Point Finale to finish any story
• The Save the Cat! Greenlight Checklist that gets to the heart of every development issue
• The right way to hear notes, deal with problematic producers, and dive into the rewrite with the right attitude
• Why and when an agent will appear
• How to discover the potential for greatness in any story
• How to avoid panic, doubt, and self-recrimination… and what it takes to succeed and dare to achieve your dreams

What people say:

"A dazzling expansion on Blake's original insights, this essential screenwriting tool is practical and profound." — Mark Hentemann, Writer/Executive Producer, Family Guy

"Written in his signature witty, conversational style, Blake Snyder has given us another gem. As relevant to the novelist as it is to the screenwriter, this is a book no writer should be without. I've read all of Blake's books, and never begin a story without his insanely useful 'Beat Sheet' by my side, but this time, Snyder goes one step further, sharing his own personal transformation from struggling writer to one who's seen great success. From the most generous and genuine writer/teacher of our time, this book will inspire the reader to scale all of those seemingly insurmountable brick walls and keep going — to choose getting better over getting bitter. This book is a must read." — Alyson Noël, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Evermore, Blue Moon, and Shadowland

"How nice of Blake to write this book just for me.' That's what you'll be saying after you read Save the Cat! Strikes Back. No matter if you're a newbie or a produced writer, Blake understands that the struggle never ends. Whether you're rewriting or getting rewritten, looking for representation or leaving your representation, he's got you covered. And on those days when you don't feel like writing and all you want to do is go on the Internet and 'research,' read his chapter on discipline, focus, and positive energy. I guarantee you will be up and writing. I love this book." — Kriss Turner, Writer, Something New; Writer/Producer, Sherri, Everybody Hates Chris, The Bernie Mac Show

"Save the Cat! Strikes Back is Blake's best yet. It expands on his principles of storytelling in a breezy, colloquial style and gives us a deeper personal insight to the relentlessly positive mindset that powered his great success and his generous spirit. Blake's life was far, far too short but his work and his inspiring legacy will remain timeless." — Rick Drew, movieScope Magazine

About the Author:

Blake Snyder (1957 – 2009) was an American screenwriter based in Los Angeles, who through the authorship of three books on screenwriting and story structures became one of the most popular writing mentors in the film industry. In his 20-year career as a screenwriter and producer, he sold dozens of scripts, including co-writing Blank Check, which became a hit for Disney, and Nuclear Family for Steven Spielberg — both million-dollar sales..

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