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Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic-Free Guide

Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic-Free Guide
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Author: Paula Landry
Publisher: Focal Press
Series: American Film Market Presents
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 328
Pub. Date: 2017
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-10: 1138210617
ISBN-13: 9781138210615

About the Book:

Budgeting and scheduling are easy in principle but hard in practice. The successful producer has a solid plan for juggling dozens of activities and costs while retaining the flexibility to cope with those inevitable last-minute changes and stay on course. Pre-planning the budget and schedule of any media project is absolutely essential, and Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic-Free Guide shows you the intricacies of handling both budgeting and scheduling successfully.

Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film explains the fundamentals of line producing in an easy-to-understand style, and includes tips and techniques that apply no matter what kind of scheduling or budgeting software you're using. Author Paula Landry includes detailed examples of breakdown forms, organizing resources, distribution expenses, and hidden costs, and discusses how to set realistic priorities and find industry and state tax incentives. Also includes discussions of transmedia and multi-purpose shooting, special considerations for VR, 4K and 3D shooting, web platforms and mobile technology, crowd funding, film festivals, and much more.

• Each chapter is filled with handy checklists, tips, practical advice, and anecdotes, showing how scheduling and budgeting are done in the real world; and
• Principles apply to any type of media project: film, video, music video, projects hosted online, and corporate and educational videos.

What people say:

"Pre-production is Landry's middle name. Her work is so precise and detailed, the production team is always confident to stay within budget and on schedule when she is attached to the film." — Pamela Lubell, Producer

"Paula Landry takes you behind the glamour and glitz of filmmaking to the nuts and bolts of actually getting a film made. This book is essential reading for anyone involved in movie production; a practical and pragmatic step-by-step guide to the why, how and when of turning a script into a finished film – a necessary addition to your tool kit." — Stephen R. Greenwald, Producer

"Paula Landry's book is an amazing resource for emerging filmmakers or anyone starting out in producing. The book is incredibly user friendly, clearly explained, and offers a step-by-step guide to the topic. When you're ready to get serious, read this book." — Ken Aguado, Emmy-winning producer and screenwriter

About the Author:

Paula Landry is an American producer, film business and media-marketing consultant, crafting business and marketing plans, videos and branded content for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit companies and colleges. She speaks at seminars around the world about the businesses of film, music, and media.