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Secret Life of a Mother

Secret Life of a Mother
Your Price: $18.95 CDN
Author: Hannah Moscovitch
Publisher: Playwrights Canada Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 80
Pub. Date: 2022
ISBN-10: 0369102835
ISBN-13: 9780369102836
Cast Size: 1 female

About the Play:

Secret Life of a Mother is a full-length drama by Hannah Moscovitch, with Maev Beaty, and Ann-Marie Kerr. This is motherhood for the twenty-first century: hallucinatory, gothic, and empowered. Secret Life of a Mother reveals the raw, transcendent, and untold secrets of pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, and mothering.

Secret Life of a Mother exposes a side of motherhood rarely witnessed: the literal blood, sweat and tears it takes to bring a person into the world. A playwright writes an exposé of modern motherhood full of her own darkly funny confessions and taboo-breaking truths. One of her real-life friends, an actress, performs the piece, and through it her own experiences of motherhood start to surface. These mothers are not the butts of jokes, the villains, or the perfect angels of a household. This empowered and relatable play was written collaboratively by a collective of close friends, playwright Hannah Moscovitch, actor Maev Beaty, and director Ann-Marie Kerr, with stage manager Marinda de Beer. Uplifting and full of love, Secret Life of a Mother is a generous and powerful act of truth-telling for anyone who has thought about, been, loved, known – or come from – a mother.

Secret Life of a Mother premiered in 2018 at The Theatre Centre in Toronto and was celebrated by The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and NOW Magazine in their Top Ten theatre experiences of the season.

Cast: 1 female

About the Playwright:

Hannah Moscovitch is an acclaimed Canadian playwright and TV writer. Her plays have been widely produced across Canada, as well as in the United States, Britain, Europe, Australia and Japan. She has been honoured with numerous awards, including the Governor General's Literary Award for drama (Canadian equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize), and the prestigious Windham Campbell Literary Prize administered by Yale University (she is the first Canadian playwright to win the prize). She's twice been a finalist for the Governor General's Award, and twice for the Siminovitch Prize, as well as the prestigious Susan Smith Blackburn Prize honouring the best English-language women writers worldwide.