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Setting Up Your Shots

Setting Up Your Shots
Your Price: $30.50 CDN
Author: Jeremy Vineyard
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productionss
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 156
Pub. Date: 2008
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-10: 0941188736
ISBN-13: 9781932907421

About the Book:

Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know....

Whether you need to learn the difference between a jump cut and a match cut or you're a working filmmaker looking for visual ideas on how to best communicate the stories you want to tell, Setting Up Your Shots is an encyclopedia of camera moves and cinematic storytelling techniques that directors of all levels will find useful.

Written by Jeremy Vineyard in clear, non-technical language and laid out in a nonlinear format with self-contained chapters for easy reference, Setting Up Your Shots provides detailed descriptions of more than 100 camera setups, angles and techniques, using examples from over 140 popular films.

Setting Up Your Shots is an excellent primer for beginner filmmakers, as well as a handy quick-reference guide for experienced directors.

Setting Up Your Shots contains 150 references to the great shots of your favourite films, including:
2001: A Space Odyssey
Blue Velvet
Citizen Kane
The Matrix
She's Gotta Have It
The Usual Suspects
• and Vertigo

What people say:

"Jeremy Vineyard's Setting Up Your Shots ... provides a reference on visual storytelling techniques for directors, film students, home video makers or anyone who wants further insights on how pro-style movies are put together. This isn't just a formula: examples from classic and new films, from budget to big screen, pepper a survey of how camera set-ups work, how styles are developed for film, and how a camera's moves can interpret action and drama. Plenty of black and white illustration accompanies descriptions of jargon and typical camera moves. Very highly recommended." — Mid-West Book Review

"[Full of] useful shots that can help inspire you to try new things with your camera and to make sure you and your DP/Cinematographer are on the same page, using the same language…. It's packed with useful information on camerawork and editing for almost any reader. Film students will find that this book gives them a great framework to learn about the basics of filmmaking while more experienced filmmakers will find this to be a good refresher book…. Whether you're a director, an editor, or just a student of film, Setting Up Your Shots is a great investment that will help you prepare for future projects in the film industry." — MicroFilmmaker magazine

"Smartly illustrated and full of good, practical shot-making examples, Setting Up Your Shots ... is a worthwhile purchase for the budding filmmaker or videographer." —

About the Author:

Jeremy Vineyard is a Los Angeles-based writer-director and software engineer.

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