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Shakespeare: Text, Stage & Cannon

Shakespeare: Text, Stage & Cannon
Your Price: $39.00 CDN
Author: Richard Proudfoot
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Series: Arden Shakespeare
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 128
Pub. Date: 2000
ISBN-10: 1903436117
ISBN-13: 9781903436110

About the Book:

This enjoyable volume by Professor Richard Proudfoot, an internationally recognized authority in the field of Shakespeare textual scholarship, aims to give a general and non-specialist audience some sense of what scholarship has achieved in three critical areas of Shakespeare studies at the end of the twentieth century.

Text: How have ideas about the editing of Shakespeare evolved and changed since the inception of the Arden Shakespeare in 1899?

Stage: How can editors of plays indicate awareness of their character as texts for performance in theatrical spaces then and now?

Canon: What do we mean when we refer to the 'Complete Works of Shakespeare'? Where, for example, does Edward III belong? How ought consideration of the conditions of writing and production of plays in the commercial theatre of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries affect our sense of Shakespeare as an author of 'works'?

Based on three lectures given by Professor Richard Proudfoot in October 1999, this study also reflects three focal points of his own engagement with Shakespeare's plays over forty years, in its aim to relate the present state of editorial, theatrical and canonic scholarship to earlier orthodoxies and traditions. It is also intended to counter a general tendency, observable in academic writing of the past twenty years, to write of Shakespeare as if all scholarship from before 1980 is best consigned to oblivion, by indicating some of the continuities in three areas of that scholarship.

Freshly and engagingly written, Shakespeare: Text, Stage, and Cannon will appeal to all those with an interest in Shakespeare studies.

About the Author:

Richard Proudfoot is Emeritus Professor and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of English Studies in the University of London. He is the author of Shakespeare: Text, Stage, and Cannon a critical overview of the scholarly achievements made in the field of Shakespeare studies by the end of the twentieth century and numerous essays on Shakespeare. He served as Senior General Editor of the Arden Shakespeare for 35 years, until his retirement from King's College in 1999.