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Singular Female Voices: Three Short Plays for a Single Actress

Singular Female Voices<br> by Anna Reynolds, Catherine Johnson and Stewart Permutt Singular Female Voices: Three Short Plays for a Single Actress
Your Price: $27.95 CDN
Author: Anna Reynolds, Catherine Johnson and Stewart Permutt
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 90
Pub. Date: 2006
ISBN-10: 1854599178
ISBN-13: 9781854599179

About the Play:

Singular Female Voices contains three remarkable one-act plays for a one female actor — all featuring mothers on the edge.

Jordan: based on the true story of Shirley Jones, a young mother who kills her baby boy, Jordan, rather than have him taken away by his abusive father. Anna Reynolds met Shirley Jones while they were serving sentences in the same prison. On her release, she co-wrote the play with Moira Buffini. It won the Writers Guild of Great Britain Award for Best Fringe Play.

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret by Catherine Johnson: The alternating stories of two women (played by the same actress), both of whom 'lose' their sons — one murdered, the other a runaway. A vivid play with sharp insights into lives lived near the top and bottom of the heap.

Unsuspecting Susan by Stewart Permutt: Susan Chester is the epitome of an English country lady, complete with the pleated skirt and pearls. Alone in her 11-room house she amusingly shares details of village gossip. Her feckless husband left her some time ago and her troubled son, Simon, is now in London. In an instant, her world is shattered by a dramatic and genuine surprise, providing Susan with pathos and the possible trappings of tragedy. Unsuspecting Susan presents the two faces of contemporary England: the broiling, multicultural life of the cities and the traditional, unruffled ways of the countryside, each of which would like to deny the very existence of the other. Played in New York where it was selected as one of the top-five Off-Broadway plays by The New York Daily News.

What people say about Unsuspecting Susan:

"…a soft-spoken but tough piece for a world where everyone is suspect." — Sunday Times

"…a play that defines as well as any I have seen our post-9/11 times." — Jewish Chronicle

About the Playwright:

Moira Buffini is an English playwright and screenwriter with ambitious and confident vision. Her feature scripts include adaptations of Tamara Drewe and Jane Eyre and Byzantium.

Catherine Johnson is a British playwright who wrote the script for West End of London hit Mamma Mia! as well as several plays for the Bush Theatre, London.

Stewart Permutt is an English dramatist who started his career as an actor and is now a full-time playwright.