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Your Price: $16.99 CDN
Author: @Actor_Friend, Annoying Actor Friend
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 192
Pub. Date: 2013
ISBN-10: 1493739859
ISBN-13: 9781493739851

About the Book:

#SOBLESSED: the Annoying Actor Friend's Guide to Werking in Show Business, is book written by parody Twitter account Annoying Actor Friend (@Actor_Friend) that provides an irreverent analysis of what life is like for both aspiring and employed actors and actresses in today's world.

In the cutthroat world of theatre, actors need all the help they can get to have a #legup on the competition. This essential 'how-to' guide explains it all: from choosing the right college for you to making your Broadway debut to surviving on Unemployment — while teaching you how to behave on social media along the way! — this book will aid you in your quest to find what it means to be #SOBLESSED.

"I wrote #SOBLESSED because I wanted to compile what I believe to be an honest representation of the ups and downs of an actor in this business, while still keeping with the voice of the character," explained Annoying Actor Friend — who created the Twitter account in response to industry friends who over share on social media platforms — to "The opinions within do not always reflect what I personally believe, but that of a general quality I have observed from years of being surrounded by Broadway actors."

"#SOBLESSED is not just about the 'werking' actor. It's also about the college theatre major, the struggling auditioner. It's for everyone who has ever loved and hated being in the theatre — or just wants to know what it is like."

What people say:

"It's the most close to the bone, hilarious look at our business." — Andrew Keenan-Bolger (Newsies, "Submissions Only")

"Uproariously funny, unflinchingly sarcastic and surprisingly inspiring. A must read for anyone who wants to make it in this business while not being a jerk doing so." — Krysta Rodriguez (First Date, "Smash")

"Whoever wrote this is giving everyone who loves the theater a great, funny, fast read with tons of hearty guffaws." — Telly Leung (Godspell, "Glee")

"Intimidatingly hilarious." — Tim Federle (Author of Better Nate Than Ever)

"This is not brilliant parody. This is reality. I know because I was on 'Smash'." — Ann Harada (Avenue Q, "Smash")

"Brilliant book for all the firsts in our business: first day of college, first audition, first rehearsal, first closing... Equity should give out a copy with your first paycheck." — Aaron Albano (Newsies, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee)

"If Alanis Morissette has caused an entire generation to question their use of the word 'ironic,' then Annoying Actor Friend has done the same thing for the word #blessed. I dare you not to laugh out loud at this." — Nic Rouleau (The Book of Mormon)

"Sharp and funny as hell, but so much heart underneath." — Alex Wyse (Wicked, Lysistrata Jones)

"Unlike other parodies, the tone of "#SOBLESSED" isn't angry or trollful. Rather, the author is like your older sister giving you brutally honest and humorous details about life in New York theater. She's also a trusted person who clues you in to a few clever shortcuts along the path. Although only a few people know the real identity behind Annoying @Actor_Friend, the person behind the pseudonym clearly knows the Broadway theater industry." — Laura Axelrod (The Clyde Fitch Report)

About the Author:

ACTOR_FRIEND (Annoying Actor Friend) is a popular Twitter account — which remains anonymous — that gained notoriety within the Broadway community for spoofing self-indulgent actor behaviour on social media platforms.