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Something Like an Autobiography

Something Like an Autobiography
Your Price: $19.00 CDN
Author: Akira Kurosawa
Translated by: Audie E. Bock
Publisher: Vintage Books
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 205
Pub. Date: 1983
ISBN-10: 0394714393
ISBN-13: 9780394714394

About the Book:

Among Japanese film makers, no one is perhaps as universally known as Akira Kurosawa. He proved himself a master storyteller and technical virtuoso, among the handful of undisputed geniuses in the history of film and an influence on generations of movies from spaghetti Westerns to Star Wars. "He was one of the true masters of the art," George Lucas said.

Something Like an Autobiography is full of interesting insights into Kurosawa's working methods, thought processes and world view. The distinguished filmmaker chronicles his life from his birth in 1910 to the worldwide success in 1951 of his film Rashomon, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. He inspired such filmmakers as Sergio Leone, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, and George Lucas. Essential reading for any Kurosawa devotee. Poignant and funny, reading Kurosawa's story is inspiring and enjoyable.

What people say:

"A fascinating, moving record of one man's pursuit of excellence in a single art." — The New York Times Book Review

"A first rate book and a joy to read.... It's doubtful that a complete understanding of the director's artistry can be obtained without reading this book.... Also indispensable for budding directors are the addenda, in which Kurosawa lays out his beliefs on the primacy of a good script, on scriptwriting as an essential tool for directors, on directing actors, on camera placement, and on the value of steeping oneself in literature, from great novels to detective fiction." — Variety

"For the lover of Kurosawa's movies...this is nothing short of must reading...a fitting companion piece to his many dynamic and absorbing screen entertainments." — Washington Post Book World

About the Author:

Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998) was an acclaimed Japanese screenwriter and director. Considered one of history's greatest filmmakers, his films have profoundly affected the style and content of international cinema; in America, for example, his indelible influence can be found in everything from classic Westerns to Star Wars. During his 50-year career, he wrote 62 films and directed 32 of them.

Audie E. Bock is an American film scholar. She earned her master's degree in East Asian studies from Harvard University and stayed to receive a PhD. She has taught Japanese cinema at Yale, Harvard, and Berkeley. She has lived in Japan at different periods for a total of five years, including the time spent researching her dissertation on Japanese film directors, when she first met Akira Kurosawa.