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Song of the Say-Sayer

Song of the Say-Sayer
Your Price: $16.95 CDN
Author: Daniel Danis
Translated by: Linda Gaboriau
Publisher: Talonbooks
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 93
Pub. Date: 1999
ISBN-10: 0889224196
ISBN-13: 9780889224193

About the Play:

Song of the Say-Sayer (English version of Le chant du dire-dire) is a play by Daniel Danis.

Three brothers care for their ailing sister.

During a thunderstorm, lightning strikes the home of the Lastings, killing the parents and forever bonding the children, even though Rock, William, Fred-James and Naomi are not blood-related.

Years later, still haunted by their terrible childhood memory, the three older brothers await the return of their beloved sister who has been singing in faraway places.

But the redhead who returns is horribly sick. Now the Lasting clan must join forces again, because the 'municipals' are threatening to turn away their sister.

Cast: 1 woman and 3 men.

What people say:

"The purity of that language and the fantastic nature of the story take us deep into a rift that violence causes in identity. It's easy to read the siblings as separate aspects of one nature; the youngest, weakest, most feminine part of the psyche may be shut out in times of trauma, but the betrayed element will return to haunt and insist on integration, healing." — The Georgia Straight

"The structure of the play is unique, straddling narration and dialogue, drawing equally from storytelling theatre and North American psychological drama, and bordering on Native shamanistic incantation." — La Presse

About the Playwright:

Daniel Danis is a writer and a sculptor who wrote his first play, entitled Celle-là (That Woman), in 1993. It earned him the Governor General's Award. For Cendres de cailloux (Stone and Ashes), his second play, he received the "Radio-France International award", as well as several others. His third play, Le chant du Dire-Dire (Song of the Say-Sayer), was created at l'Espace GO in 1998 and at the Théâtre de la Colline, in Paris, in 1999. His play Le langue-à-langue des chiens de roche (In the Eyes of Stone Dogs) has won him the 2002 Governor General's Award. He also wrote Le pont de pierres et la peau d'images for young audiences.

Besides being staged in Québec, his plays have been produced in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, and in Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and France.

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