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Stage Makeup, 10th Edition

Stage Makeup, 10th Edition
Your Price: $259.95 CDN
Author: Richard Corson, James Glavan & Beverly Gore Norcross
Foreword by: Hal Holbrook
Introduction by: Uta Hagen
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Format: Hardcover
# of Pages: 432
Pub. Date: 2009
Edition: 10th Edition
ISBN-10: 0205644546
ISBN-13: 9780205644544

About the Book:

Widely referred to as the "bible of stage makeup," the timely revision of this classic text addresses principles and techniques in the use of makeup for the contemporary performer.

This extensive exploration of the application and use of stage makeup and makeup for a variety of performance venues covers all aspects in detail and contains over 400 photographs, drawings, and diagrams demonstrating step-by-step procedures. Thoroughly updated and revised, this classic text remains accurate and comprehensive, providing information from which all readers - whether students to the field or seasoned, professional makeup artists - will benefit.

New to this edition:

- Updated photography throughout.

- Features the latest information on products and techniques throughout.

- New additions to chapters concerning hairpieces and wigs: making a pattern for a beard and mustache, making a pattern for a wig, fronting a wig, or sending accurate information for rentals, and the basic roller set for wigs.

- The source Appendix has been totally updated with new vendors and the latest website addresses.

- The materials Appendix has had the most current products added.

- There are new, blank makeup charts for class work and designing makeups.

- There is a color guide for a two-part silicone life cast.

- The new color section featuring Academy Award nominee, Christien Tinsley, step for the Tinsley Transfers for cuts, bruises and prosthetics.

- A selection of makeup in color with complete instructions.

- Color photos of Academy Award winner, Matthew Mungle, special effects makeup for the CSI television show.

- Instructions for a new "creating a likeness" of Queen Elizabeth I.

- The Film and Television chapter now includes information about working with the latest HD digital technology.

- The color section now includes a series of photos illustrating the effects of gel colors on natural makeup.

About the Authors:

Richard Corson (late) was the author of several fashion and makeup books. He taught courses in theatrical makeup in several colleges across the country. In 1972 he received the Founders Award (International Thespian Society) "in recognition of distinguished contributions to theatre and youth." His name is perhaps the most well-recognized in the industry. 

James Galvan is an Associate Professor of Costume Design and Technology in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas at Austin. Over the past twenty years he has presented workshops in such diverse places as Moscow and Hong Kong.