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Stage Rigging Handbook

Stage Rigging Handbook
Your Price: $45.95 CDN
Author: Jay O. Glerum
Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 292
Pub. Date: 2007
Edition: 3rd
ISBN-10: 0809327414
ISBN-13: 9780809327416

About the Book:

Succinct and jargon free, Stage Rigging Handbook remains the only book in any language that covers the design, operation, and maintenance of stage-rigging equipment. It is written in an at-a-glance outline form, yet contains in-depth information available nowhere else. This fully indexed third edition includes three new parts: the first, an explanation of inspection procedures for rigging systems; the second, a discussion of training in the operation of rigging systems; and the third, essential information about the operation of fire curtains. The remaining six parts, as well as the glossary and bibliography, have been updated. This edition also contains a new preface, many new illustrations, and expanded information on Nicopress terminations.

Jay Glerum explains that four main principles make up the core of this book: know the rigging system; keep it in safe working order; know how to use it; and keep your concentration. Glerum applies these principles to all of the major types of stage rigging systems, including block and tackle, hemp, counterweight, and motorized. He describes each type of rigging, then thoroughly reviews the operating procedures and methods of inspecting existing systems.

What people say:

"I would strongly suggest this book to all students of theatre, all stagehands of I.A.T.S.E., as well as to all members of ESTA. My appreciation and thanks go out to Jay for writing such useful material." — John M. Diaz, Local One, IATSE

"Stage Rigging Handbook clearly explains the basics of how to maintain your rigging system and operate it safely. This manual can also be a ready reference and friend when rigging a show. This is a book to always keep handy in a cubbyhole at the end of your pinrail." — Dramatics

"Stage Rigging Handbook should become a standard text for advanced technical students and all individuals concerned with the safe and proper maintenance and operation of stage-rigging systems." — Theatre Design and Technology

About the Author:

Jay O. Glerum holds seminars on stage rigging throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. A fellow of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, he has served as chair of the Rigging and Stage Machinery Standards Committee of the Institute and has taught at Seattle University, Marquette University, and the University of Washington.