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The Ten Commandments of Theater: The Gospel According to Stanislavski for Young Actors

The Ten Commandments of Theater: The Gospel According to Stanislavski for Young Actors
Your Price: $22.99 CDN
Author: Anne Johnston-Brown
Publisher: Smith & Kraus
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 129
Pub. Date: 2007
ISBN-10: 1575255847
ISBN-13: 9781575255842

About the Book:

The Ten Commandments of Theater is a ten-chapter, step-by-step handbook for actors. Author Anne Johnston-Brown takes actors through the acting process from the moment they are first cast in a role until the final curtain and bow. Each chapter is written as a Commandment – a rule of the theatre that must be respected to achieve success in a particular performance, as well as an overall acting career.

Thanks to Konstantin Stanislavski (sometimes spelled "Stanislavsky"), we as actors are encouraged to shrink our circle of attention down to its smallest point, only allowing in that which encompasses the world of the scene. Recommended by Theatre Topics Magazine and American Theatre Magazine to you learn the technique of Method acting, The 10 Commandments of Theater is currently a required text in many college theatre arts departments nationwide. These Commandments include points on:

• proper warm-up routines
• scoring a script
• researching and developing a character
• formulating a personal acting process – and other guidelines that fall under Method acting.

Unlike many other acting handbooks, The Ten Commandments of Theater is concise and understandable for even the greenest of actors. It is a must for young and veteran actors alike, providing tried-and-true techniques to facilitate more successful acting.

What people say:

"As its title suggests, Anne Johnston-Brown's revised and updated The Ten Commandments of Theater provides basic rules of the theatre that must be respected for a successful performance, as well in one's acting career. She also provides good insight into the audition process, again breaking it down into 10 sections, dealing with everything from headshots and resumes to dealing with rejection and acceptance." — Stage Directions magazine

About the Author:

Anne Johnston-Brown is an American actor, songwriter, teacher and author. She has a Master's Degree in Theatre Arts and has worked as an Adjunct Professor of Theatre Arts at several Southern California universities, including The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles where she taught Acting, Auditioning, and the Business of Acting.