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The 90-Day Rewrite

The 90-Day Rewrite
Your Price: $21.00 CDN
Author: Alan Watt
Publisher: Writers Tribe Books
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 308
Pub. Date: 2012
ISBN-10: 0983141215
ISBN-13: 9780983141211

About the Book:

The 90-Day Rewrite is a revision handbook for writers by Alan Watt. Science fiction novelist Michael Crichton said, "Books are not written – they're rewritten." The greatest challenge in rewriting your book is making a thousand small changes while staying true to your narrative voice. In this practical step-by-step, day-by-day guide to revising your manuscript, you will:

   • End procrastination by breaking your work into manageable tasks
   • Learn the technical skills necessary to bring your prose to life
   • Discover how to write compelling dialogue
   • Solve narrative problems of structure, point of view and pacing
   • Learn how to sell and market your book once it is completed

Revision is where the magic happens. There are daily entries, divided by week, with specific reading and exercises for each of the 90 days. At the end of three months, you will have a publication-ready novel with a hero's-journey structure.

What people say:

"With its superb organization, excellent examples and fresh approach, this book is unlike any other how-to for writers. Watt's practical program, broken down by weeks and containing useful information and inspiring techniques, succeeds because, quite simply, it teaches you exactly how not to fail." — Leslie Schwartz (award-winning of Angel's Crest)

"The 90-Day Rewrite gave me all the tools I needed to refine my first draft. The techniques stay with you as a writer and give you the confidence to finish your work and prepare it for publication." — Jennifer Scott (New York Times bestselling author of Lessons From Madame Chic)

"Al teaches you to live in your scenes and set aside the hypercritical surveillance that can plague the rewrite process." — Frank B. Wilderson III (award-winning author of Incognegro: A Memoir of Exile and Apartheid)

"Revision is almost important as writing the novel itself. The 90-Day Rewrite: The Process of Revision is a writing guide from Alan Watt as he advises how to more effectively rewrite and revise your work for the better. From technical proficiency in writing to just making yourself get it done, The 90-Day Rewrite is a strongly recommended writing and publishing collections, and for those who want to better polish their book into something much better." — Midwest Book Review

About the Author:

Alan Watt is a Scottish-born Canadian author, comedian, actor, lecturer, and screenwriter. Raised in Guelph, Ontario, he attended acting school in New York, then worked as a standup comedian, touring extensively throughout North America, and performing on dozens of television shows, before moving to Los Angeles where he works as a screenwriter and novelist. He has been teaching and lecturing on the creative process in Los Angeles and at colleges around the US since in 1998. He has taught everyone from award-winning authors to A-list screenwriters, journalists, poets, actors, professional athletes, war veterans, housewives, doctors, lawyers, television showrunners, Emmy-winning directors, first-time writers, and anyone else with a story to tell.