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The Art of Dramatic Writing

The Art of Dramatic Writing
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Biz Bestseller!
Author: Lajos Egri
Publisher: Touchstone
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 316
Pub. Date: 2004
ISBN-10: 0671213326
ISBN-13: 9780671213329

About the Book:

Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human Motives…

Lajos Egri was writing about the concept of premise – a thesis, demonstrated in terms of human behaviour – in scriptwriting long before Syd Field, William Goldman and Blake Snyder.

Learn the basic techniques every successful playwright and screenwriter knows. Among the many "how-to" books that have appeared over the years, there have been few that attempt to analyze the mysteries of construction. You really must have a sense of what form is. Everyone thinks they have great ideas, but unless you can translate them to the page, they mean nothing. Lajos Egri's classic, The Art of Dramatic Writing (originally intended for playwrights), does just that. One of the best books on screenwriting for beginners, it is often used as a textbook in screenwriting classes, but the instruction can be applied equally well to a short story, novel, play, or screenplay.

Examining a script from the inside out, Lajos Egri starts with the heart of any drama: its characters. All good dramatic writing hinges on people and their relationships, which serve to move the story forward and give it life, as well as an understanding of human motives – why people act the way that they do. One tool he uses for character design is the Character Bone Structure, which fleshes out the physical, social and psychological factors that make up a character. Filling out the specific details of each serves as a good start in creating a three dimensional character. He also brilliantly analyses plays – using examples from everything from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House – and shows how it is essential for the author to have a basic premise and to develop the dramatic conflict on the basis of that behaviour. Once you've digested the contents of this book, with examples drawn from the great playwrights, you'll have a deeper view of what drama is. This book is an excellent compliment to Syd Field's Screenplay. While Syd Field is all about screenplay structure, Lajos Egri is all about character and the character driven story. All great drama revolves around a great character and Lajos Egri gives you lots of help developing solid characters. He is fascinated by the motivations for our actions, and at the heart of the book is a moving belief in human beings' capacity for change.

Using Lajos Egri's ABCs of premise, character, and conflict, The Art of Dramatic Writing is a direct, jargon-free approach to the problem of achieving truth in writing.

What people say:

"For many years, Lajos Egri's highly opinionated but very enjoyable The Art of Dramatic Writing has been a well-guarded secret of playwrights, scriptwriters, and writers for television. Unlike many other books on playwrighting (several of which Egri criticizes during the course of this one), the author's systematic breakdown of the essentials for creating successful realistic plays and screenplays effectively demystifies the process of creative writing." — John Longenbaugh, playwright and director

"I found Lajos Egri's book enormously interesting – one of the best I have ever read." — Moss Hart, award-winning playwright and screenwriter

About the Author:

Lajos Egri (1888-1967) was born in Hungary and founded the Egri School of Writing in New York City in the 1930s. In addition to writing books, he spent his life writing and directing plays in both the United States and Europe, as well as writing screenplays for the film industry.