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The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit

The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit
Your Price: $53.95 CDN
Author: Anne E. McMills
Publisher: Focal Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 436
Pub. Date: 2014
ISBN-10: 0415711215
ISBN-13: 9780415711210

About the Book:

What are the do's and don'ts of being a good assistant lighting designer?

What are focus tapes, and how do I use them?

What is the best method for creating a magic sheet?

What should be found in every assistant's kit?

How do I make that first important leap into this professional career?

Answer these questions and many more with The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit by Broadway associate lighting designer Anne E. McMills. This definitive guide unlocks the insider-secrets used to succeed as a professional assistant lighting designer (ALD) – whether choosing assisting as a career or while transitioning to another. This book outlines, step-by-step, the challenges the ALD faces during every phase of production. Never before has a resource existed that views the design process through the eyes of the assistant.

Intermingled among the nuts and bolts of the paperwork and essential procedures, top industry professionals reveal tips for personal survival in this challenging career – both domestically and abroad as well as in other careers in lighting. Within these pages are the industry secrets rarely taught in any school!

What people say:

"The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit is a book the lighting world needs and should be required reading for all new – and not so new – lighting designers." — Ken Billington, Broadway Lighting Designer

"The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit sets out to fill a big gap in the market of lighting books – a huge help to so many aspiring ALD's and teaches us 'mature' designers how to better behave! This book is marvelous." — Richard Pilbrow, internationally known Lighting Designer

"The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit is a great addition to just about everyone's lighting library. Lots of how-to info from the tech table battle front." — Scott Parker, Lighting Designer, Columbus State University

"This unique, impressive book has the detail of a Broadway lighting show “bible” with each element of a lighting design clearly prepared, presented and documented… It is vital reading for a designer or student." — Focus Magazine

"The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit is… chock-full of information and insights. Whatever your experience level, it is a worthy addition to your theatre library. For those making the transition from life as a lighting design student to the professional market, it is an invaluable resource." — Lighting & Sound America

About the Author:

Anne E. McMills has enjoyed a vibrant career as a lighting designer and associate lighting designer working on Broadway in New York City. Not only was she working on designing her own shows in New York, but she also worked as an associate under such prominent Tony Award-winning lighting designers such as Brian MacDevitt, Peter Kaczorowski, and Ken Billington. She also worked for several years mounting productions of Wicked and Spamalot in various cities around the world assisting the prominent Broadway projections designer, Elaine J. McCarthy. In addition, Anne has extensive experience in lighting for television, theme parks, architecture, and concerts. Currently, she is the Head of Lighting Design at San Diego State University.