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Theatre For Living

Theatre For Living
Your Price: $31.95 CDN
Author: David Diamond
Foreword by: Fritjof Capra
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 340
Pub. Date: 2007
ISBN-10: 1425124585
ISBN-13: 9781425124588

About the Book:

Winner of the 2008 American Alliance for Theatre and Education "Book of Distinction" Award.

Theatre is a primal language that used to be spoken by everyone; everyone included the "living community".

Weaving together Systems Theory and the groundbreaking work of Fritjof Capra, Theatre of the Oppressed and the revolutionary work of Augusto Boal, and his own 25 years of practical experience in community-based popular theatre, David Diamond creates a silo-busting book that embraces the complexity of real life.

Some of the questions Theatre for Living asks and attempts to answer: From a perspective of biology and sociology, how is a community a living thing? How do we design a theatre practise to consciously work with living communities to help them tell their stories? How do we accomplish this without demonizing those characters with whom we disagree? Must we constantly do battle to defeat an endless stream of oppressors, or can we imagine a world in which we stop creating them? Why is this important? What should we be on the look-out for (both positive and negative) when doing this work? What practical games and exercises can we use to awaken group consciousness?

Who will be interested in Theatre for Living? Artists; community development workers; educators; activists; people working in social services, mediation and conflict resolution; health care professionals; anyone with an interest in finding new ways to approach the intersection of culture and social justice.

What people say:

"I greatly admire the achievements of David Diamond and his Headlines Theatre. He is following his own path, doing extraordinary and groundbreaking work in several fields, like his work with many First Nations communities in Canada and the US, and his adaptation of Forum Theatre on TV and on the Internet. This book relates the experiences of his life in theatre. For what he has already done, is doing, and certainly will do, David Diamond deserves all our support." — Augusto Boal, founder of Theatre of the Oppressed, author of Theatre of the Oppressed, Rainbow of Desire, and Legislative Theatre

"David Diamond's work has been an inspiration to performers, artists, community leaders throughout Canada and beyond. The ideas in Theatre for Living are large, daring, challenging; but the steps by which Diamond follows and implements the ideas are precise and accessible. As I read I found myself being taken further and further into the life that is both theatre and the making of theatre, which is to say I was led into how life can be given its meaning." — Hugh Brody anthropologist and film-maker, author of Maps And Dreams, Living Arctic and The Other Side of Eden

"Theatre for a Living is an essential resource for anyone interested in the power of theatre to evoke community healing. The book has much to offer to theatre practioneers, social justice advocates, community cultural workers, educators and activists who are looking for ways to both improve and engage in a visceral and performance dialogue around community empowerment." — Dr. Michelle La Flamme, Instructor, First Nations Study Program, Department of English, University of British Columbia (UBC)

About the Author:

David Diamond has worked as a professional actor in theatre, television and film throughout Western Canada until 1981 when he co-founded Headlines Theatre. He became the Artistic Director in 1984. He is the originator of Headlines' Theatre for Living work, which has evolved from Brazilian Director Augusto Boal's ground-breaking Theatre of the Oppressed. In 1996 David was the first individual recipient of the City of Vancouver's Cultural Harmony Award. In 2001 he received the Otto René Castillo Award for Political Theatre.

Fritjof Capra is a world renowned systems theorist and author of The Tao of Physics and many other books. Capra has written the foreword for Theatre for Living.

Augusto Boal (1931 – 2009) was a Brazilian theatre director, theorist, writer, teacher, social activist, and politician. He was the founder of Theatre of the Oppressed, a theatrical form originally used in radical popular education movements.

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