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The Complete DVD Book

The Complete DVD Book
Your Price: $28.99 CDN
Limited Quantities
Author: Chris Gore & Paul J. Salamoff
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 224
Pub. Date: 2005
ISBN-10: 1932907092
ISBN-13: 9781932907094

HARD TO FIND BOOK, only a very limited number of copies are still available.

About the Book:

Designing, Producing and Marketing Your Independent Film on DVD....

Control the future of your filmmaking career by releasing your own independent film on DVD, VOD and streaming services. The Complete DVD Book is a step-by-step guide that walks you through the most complex aspects of production and provides detailed information to create an indie film that will sell.

Learn secrets used by indie film pros, including: negotiating distribution deals in your favor; using cost-saving tips to maximize your budget; launching a guerrilla marketing campaign; creating powerful publicity tools; authoring high-quality DVDs comparable to major studio titles; and using insider techniques for dynamic package design; and more.

Plus an extensive resource section provides valuable DVD templates and listings of designers, replicators, suppliers, VOD services, distributors, the media, and retailers. You can take charge of your own destiny. Today. Buy The Complete DVD Book, fire up those DVD burners, and turn your dreams into reality.

What people say:

"There's a host of tips on burning DVDs that Hollywood doesn't wish you to know: even if you're not making an independent video, these tips alone make The Complete DVD Book worth the price tag. And for those who are involved in independent filmmaking, The Complete DVD Book is a virtual goldmine of detail on how to produce high-quality DVDs similar to major studio productsbut without the big-ticket budget. There are DVD templates, listings of designers, suppliers, distributors, tips on publicity and more: everything you need to produce a professional-quality DVD. Very highly recommended: the basic, essential reference all independent filmmakers should have close at hand." — Mid-West Book Review

"With The Complete DVD Book Gore and Salamoff win the Oscar for the best book for the independent filmmaker." — Bob Jones, Teacher/Filmmaker University of Central Florida

"Both thorough and to the point, The Complete DVD Book is a great investment of time and money." — Jason Tenenbown, Independent Producer (Film & Digital Games)

"This book ushers in the Age of Empowerment for independent filmmakers who have enough entrepreneurial spirit to take charge of their own careers. Chris Gore's legendary status as an outlaw of Hollywood offers readers an opportunity to keep their street credibility while following his coherent plan to capture a share of the fastest growing market in the industry today." — Creative Screenwriting magazine

About the Authors:

Chris Gore is an author, columnist, television host, and filmmaker who has built a solid reputation as the brutally honest founder of the legendary Film Threat. His companion book, The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, is the bible for indie filmmakers touring on the festival circuit. He lives in Los Angeles.

Paul J. Salamoff parlayed his obsession for genre filmmaking into a successful run as a professional Special F/X Make-Up Artist, Producer, Writer, and Director. He has worked on over forty films, ten television series and numerous commercials. He is also the Author of On the Set: The Hidden Rules of Movie Making Etiquette.

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