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The Hollywood Standard

The Hollywood Standard
Your Price: $39.95 CDN
Author: Christopher Riley
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 226
Pub. Date: 2021
Edition: 3rd
ISBN-10: 1615933220
ISBN-13: 9781615933228

About the Book:

The key to getting a "green light" in Hollywood is a polished screenplay, which means that your script needs to be correctly formatted before it hits the agency or production company story analyst's desk. The simple format rules found in The Hollywood Standard – which you can learn in an hour – come from Hollywood's top expert on script format and will guarantee that your script makes a winning first impression.

Thousands of promising scripts never get a fair read from Hollywood because their format is wrong. Does it really matter? Yes! Professionals reading your scripts are looking for any reason to throw it in the "no" pile. They simply can't afford to spend much time on a script unless it catches their eye. The fastest way to not even get a reader past the first page or two is to mess up the formatting. Poor formatting is the mark of an amateur and in the ultra-competitive world of screenwriting, the wrong first impression can kill your dreams. Your scriptwriting software helps you format your work for film, television, and more, and provides all these little screenwriting tools depending on your specific project. However, this text gives you what even the best script software can't. A detailed study of proper professional screenplay formatting, it goes beyond the software and tells you WHEN and WHY to use those tools.

Intended to be kept at a screenwriters fingertips, this 3rd edition of The Hollywood Standard has been expanded and updated, and features easy-to-use, lay-flat binding. With clear, concise instructions and hundreds of examples, this book takes the guesswork out of a multitude of formatting questions that perplex even seasoned screenwriters, waste their time, and steal their confidence.

Subtitled The Complete and Authoritative Guide to Script Format and Style, the contents of The Hollywood Standard include:

• When a new scene heading is appropriate and when it isn't;
• How to format shot headings, dialogue, direction and transitions;
• How to control pace with formatting;
• How to make a script page visually inviting to the reader;
• What to to capitalize and why;
• How to get into and out of a POV shot;
• What can and can't be included in an establishing shot;
• How to format instant messages, text messages, email exchanges, caller ID, and Zoom meetings
• How Hollywood's most innovative screenwriters are pushing the boundaries of format
• How format for animation differs from live action formats
• Recommended by the Writers Guild Initiative!

The author is uniquely qualified to write about standard script format and style. For 14 years Christopher Riley worked in Warner Bros. acclaimed script processing department, eventually running the standard-setting operation. He wrote the studio's screenwriting software and served as the ultimate arbiter of screenplay format for Warner Bros. and dozens of outside clients that included Amblin, Disney, Columbia, Universal and Independent Productions.