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The Power of the Actor

The Power of the Actor
Your Price: $31.95 CDN
Author: Ivana Chubbuck
Publisher: Gotham Books
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 388
Pub. Date: 2005
ISBN-10: 1592401538
ISBN-13: 9781592401536

About the Book:

The 12-step acting technique that will take you from script to a living, breathing, dynamic character.

The Power of the Actor is a book from Ivana Chubbuck, a premier acting teacher and coach to the stars. It describes in detail her cutting-edge acting technique, which has launched some of the most successful acting careers in Hollywood. Her client list includes Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Elizabeth Shue, Jim Carrey, Kate Hudson, David Duchovny, and Halle Berry who famously thanked Ivana Chubbuck in her Oscar acceptance speech for Monster's Ball.

The Power of the Actor guides you to dynamic and effective results. For many of today's major talents, the Chubbuck Technique is the leading edge of acting for the twenty-first century. Previous generations of actors were steeped in the teaching traditions of Stanislavski, Strasberg, and Hagen, which focused on feelings. Taking the theories of these traditional masters into a new realm of psychological and behavioural study, industry veteran Ivana Chubbuck has developed a curriculum that guides students to the heart of a character by finding out what the character wants more than anything else and the behaviours they will use to get it.

In addition to her powerful twelve-step process for creating genuine characters, Ivana Chubbuck:
• Takes well-known scripts, both classic and contemporary, and breaks them down using her process
• Provides sections on special acting skills, such as organically acting drunk, being mentally ill or pregnant, or creating sexual chemistry
• Provides a section on how to audition.

The Power of the Actor is filled with fascinating and inspiring behind-the-scenes accounts of how noted actors have mastered their craft and have accomplished success in such a difficult and competitive field. It offers a trove of tidbits for fans as well.

What people say:

"This is my bible. I don't leave home without it." — Eva Mendes

"Ivana Chubbuck is the premier acting coach of the twenty-first century…. Ivana's innovative methods of teaching both complement and rival those methods of the great teachers of the past…. Under Ivana's tutelage, the course of my career and depth of my work have changed dramatically." — Halle Berry

"I found this proactive approach to be extremely powerful – not just in acting, but also in writing and directing." — Eriq LaSalle

"She has crafted a deep, thorough, intelligent, interesting, and complex guide. On top of this, it's a good read.." — Jackie Apodaca, Senior Columnist Back Stage

About the Author:

Ivana Chubbuck founded Ivana Chubbuck Studios more than twenty years ago, becoming one of the most sought-after acting coaches in Hollywood. She also works as a script consultant and has been widely profiled in the media.