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The Tao of Show Business (Actor's Edition): How to Pursue Your Dream Without Losing Your Mind

The Tao of Show Business (Actor's Edition): How to Pursue Your Dream Without Losing Your Mind
Your Price: $20.95 CDN
Author: Dallas Travers
Publisher: Love Your Life Publishing
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 206
Pub. Date: 2008
ISBN-10: 098204772X
ISBN-13: 9780982047729

About the Book:

Set aside everything you have been told about how to make it in Hollywood.
Finally, a book that dispels the industry myths that keep actors stuck.

The Tao of Show Business generously offers a delightful, practical, and digestible approach to mastering the entertainment industry one day at a time. Through inspiring examples and unique insight, Dallas Travers shows you how to discover your own path to acting success and how to enjoy the ride. This book reveals over thirty essential tools for professional triumph and personal fulfillment for actors everywhere.

Here's a taste of what you will discover in The Tao of Show Business:
• Gain freedom from your self-defeating beliefs and behaviors
• Build authentic relationships with the right people
• Identify your unique niche and eliminate your competition
• Do less so you can accomplish more
• Take inspired action every day

What people say:

"Dallas Travers takes actors well beyond the nuts and bolts of the business and offers fresh, insightful, and practical tools unmatched in the industry." — Steven Pressfield, Author, The War of Art

"When a wildly successful acting career can be built upon talent alone, there will be many more happy, successful actors out there. Meanwhile, scads of solid, trained actors are overwhelmed and paralyzed by the business of The Business every day. It's an epidemic! But fear not in 'The Tao of Show Business', Dallas Travers reveals the non-acting secrets that simply aren't part of the college drama class experience. Thank you, Dallas! Finally, I can save my breath and let The Tao do the talking." — Lesly Kahn, Lesly Kahn & Company Actor Training, Hollywood, California

"Dallas Travers cuts to the chase and gets right to the point. In my three decades advising journeymen and stars I've read many books designed to assist actors. In The Tao of Show Business, Dallas succeeds in crystalizing the challenges and creating a strategy to conquer. This is truly a handbook for acting success." — Sam Christensen , Creator Image Design Process, Founder of Sam Christensen Studios

About the Author:

Dallas Travers is an IPEC certified Creative Career Coach, Founder of the Thriving Artist Circle and the author of the award winning book, The Tao of Show Business: How to Pursue Your Dream Without Losing Your Mind.

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