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Tuesdays & Sundays

Tuesdays & Sundays
Your Price: $14.95 CDN
Author: Daniel Arnold & Medina Hahn
Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 82
Pub. Date: 2007
ISBN-10: 1583423761
ISBN-13: 9781583423769
Cast Size: 1 woman, 1 man (or 2 women, 2 men)

About the Play:

Tuesdays & Sundays is a one-act drama by Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn. Long ago, two innocents fell in love. Now in limbo, they awake to reveal what really happened – what lasts an evening, a few months, what dies, what remains forever. Particularly suitable for schools and play contests.

Tuesdays & Sundays follows a teenage couple through the overwhelming passions of first love. The spirits of William and Mary, a teenage couple, awaken into a void. As they question where they are, they begin to relive their first meeting at a New Year's Eve social, the initial giddy courtship and the overwhelming passions of first love, the pangs of a six-month absence from each other, an unplanned pregnancy, and the guilt and shame of a young man living in a rural community in which respectability is of utmost importance. Although they try to nourish their love amidst the confusing emotions and events of their lives, misunderstanding and fear create terrible consequences, turning William and Mary's romance into stunning tragedy. A multi award-winning play, Tuesdays & Sundays was inspired by a true love story that took place in 1887 in the farming community of Margate on Prince Edward Island.

Tuesdays & Sundays premiered at Theatre Network's NextFest 2000 (directed and dramaturged by Wojtek Kozlinski), then went on to a sold out Canadian Fringe Tour, rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival, and an Overall Production Award at the New York Fringe. This production has now been presented by over 15 theatre companies throughout the world including Canada's National Arts Centre and has been included on Top Ten of the Year lists in New York, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Cast: 1 woman, 1 man (or 2 women, 2 men)

What people say:

"An insightful, moving, and rather marvelous tale … it packs an emotional wallop reminiscent of more straightforward works like Brian Friel's Lovers and even Our Town. You'll want to clap till forever." — New York Sun

"Engagingly comic and touchingly sad." — The New York Times

"A little jewel-like thing…haunts you long after you have left the theatre." — The Guardian (UK)

"This piece is unmissable." — Edinburgh Herald (Scotland)

"Breathtaking…brilliant." — Vancouver Sun

"Wonderfully written…it captures the way you grow up into life, with all its darker colours, tension, complexities…elegant, and mysterious…an amazingly assured script that takes young love gradually, unobtrusively into the darkest terrain." — Edmonton Journal

"A play of awesome power." — Albuquerque Journal

About the Playwright:

Daniel Arnold is a Canadian actor, writer and producer for both stage and screen who has won multiple awards. He is an Honours graduate of University of Alberta's BFA acting program. His stage plays Tuesdays & Sundays and Any Night, which he cowrote/performed with Medina Hahn, have toured across Canada and internationally, garnering numerous awards and accolades. Thanks to a mentorship with playwright Daniel MacIvor, Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn are also the protégé recipients of Canada's most prestigious theatre award, The Siminovitch Prize.

Medina Hahn is a Canadian actress, writer, and producer who has won multiple awards. She holds two performance degrees as a graduate of the University of Victoria Theatre program and the University of Alberta’s BFA acting program. As an actress, she has performed on screen and on numerous stages in New Mexico, San Francisco, New York City, Scotland, the Czech Republic and throughout Canada. With Daniel Arnold, she has written and toured the stage plays Tuesdays & Sundays and Any Night.

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