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Twelve Step Plan to Becoming an Actor in L.A.

Twelve Step Plan to Becoming an Actor in L.A.
Your Price: $19.95 CDN
Author: Dawn Lerman & Dori Keller
Publisher: iUniverse
# of Pages: 160
Pub. Date: 2004
ISBN-10: 0595297935
ISBN-13: 9780595297931

About the Book:

Twelve Step Plan to Becoming an Actor in L.A. is the bible for aspiring actors in Los Angeles.

Succeeding in acting is no accident. Twelve Step Plan to Becoming an Actor in L.A. is an innovative step-by-step plan for turning dreams into reality. 

This one of a kind guidebook, written by two working actors turned casting director and drama therapist, will jump start any actor's career. Although Dawn Lerman and Dori Keller came to Hollywood from different backgrounds, they found a common dilemma once they arrived there – the challenges and difficulties while pursuing an artistic career in L.A. In this book, the duo spells out realistic solutions in a way that's simple to follow and also simple to follow-through. The 12 sections in the book cover the first year of the actor's journey, with month-by-month checkpoints that will clearly gauge your progress.

Twelve Step Plan to Becoming an Actor in L.A. is supplemented with acting and self-help exercises, monthly progress pages, career/financial worksheets, journal pages, inspiring quotations, and personal stories that complement and sustain the spirit. With every step, this in-depth text imparts key lessons from professionals. Dawn Lerman and Dori Keller share the insider's black book of photographer referrals, classes, resume services, car rentals, insurance brokers, expert and affordable body/beauty services, and numerous other useful resources.

What people say:

"Aspiring performers who are thinking about moving to the West Coast to find work in Hollywood will benefit from packing Twelve Step Plan to Becoming an Actor in L.A. in their suitcase. In addition to specific people, places, and things to look up in Los Angeles, this book also offers questions, worksheets, charts, and lists that provide motivation and inspiration to keep moving closer to your career goals." — Backstage

About the Author:

Dawn Lerman is an accomplished American producer, writer, coach and licensed Drama therapist. She has produced and acted in everything from plays to music videos to theatre. She has been featured on many national and local radio shows.

Dori Keller is a casting director in Los Angeles. He was a professional actor for more than fifteen years, appearing in over twenty-five regional and off-Broadway plays and several TV shows. He has also produced several plays, garnering him ten awards and nominations from Los Angeles critics.