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Ultimate Commercial Book for Kids and Teens

Ultimate Commercial Book for Kids and Teens
Your Price: $17.95 CDN
Author: Chambers Stevens
Publisher: Sandcastle Publishing
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 112
Pub. Date: 2005
ISBN-10: 1883995132
ISBN-13: 9781883995133

About the Book:

The Ultimate Commercial Book For Kids and Teens: The Young Actors' Commercial Study-guide! provides 6-18 year-olds with true-to-life comedic and dramatic commercials that are short, funny, and original! All 100% tested by working young actors.

The Ultimate Commercial Book For Kids and Teens is packed with detailed descriptions of how to increase your presentation's impact, whether preparing for a class assignment or professional commercial audition. This includes training, preparation, and materials such as resumes, photos and classes. More than +150 original commercials are included for practice. Interviews with six Hollywood 101 insiders, all currently working industry experts provide tips on making your presentation stellar. Also includes author Chambers Stevens' list of Presentation Do's and Don'ts, example agent query letter, a glossary of industry terms, and info. on where to get work permits. This book is meant to be read by all young performers and their parent/guardians who are searching to improve presentation/commercial audition skills and success rates. Commercials are great for classroom, variety talent shows, competitions, and ultimately, auditions.

What people say:

"I especially like the Hollywood 101 book series by my colleague Chambers Stevens." — Mae Ross, Owner/ Director of L.A.'s highly acclaimed actor training center, 3-2-1 Acting Studios

"Working with Chambers has taught me how to keep it honest, fun and real. That’s how I continue to book commercials." — Chuck Montgomery, Actor Coke, Burger King

"Since working with Chambers, my commercial technique has improved 110%." — Leanna Boyer, Actress, Minute Maid, Pepsi, Gushers

"Working with Chambers on commercials is the coolest. Almost as much fun as making money." — Derrick Tyler Friedman, Actor, Sears, The Disney Store

About the Author:

Chambers Stevens is one of Los Angeles' top acting coaches, particularly popular with younger actors and those new to the business. He has coached thousands of actors for shows on every network, plus countless films, theatre productions, including Broadway shows, commercials, and videogames.