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What Are You Laughing At? How to Write Funny Screenplays, Stories, and More

What Are You Laughing At? How to Write Funny Screenplays, Stories, and More
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Author: Brad Schreiber
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 278
Pub. Date: 2003
ISBN-10: 0941188833
ISBN-13: 9780941188838
About the Book:

HARD TO FIND BOOK, only a very limited number of copies are still available.

How to write funny screenplays, stories and more…

The definitive book on how to write funny. What Are You Laughing At?, is the first book to compare writing comedic screenplays with fiction and non-fiction in all forms.

Using principles developed in his popular UCLA Extension Writers Program class on humor writing, and his CBS Studio City seminars on screenwriting, Brad Schreiber includes more than 70 excerpts from such top prose and screenwriters such as Woody Allen, Steve Martin and Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

There are also unique writing exercises developed exclusively for this book. You'll learn to write comedy dialogue for TV, film, stage and audio; as well as the 11 modes of comedic dialogue, 13 bad things screenwriters commonly do, and the Cream of Wheat Theory of exposition.

What people say:

"Produce winning comedic screenplays using fiction and nonfiction alike with Brad Schreiber's What Are You Laughing At?: How to Write Funny Screenplays, Stories and More. Included are over 70 excerpts from top screenwriters and pairing them with writing exercises and details on the differences between writing comedy for TV versus stage. There are eleven modes of comedic dialogue, 13 common problems screenwriters encounter and valuable insights into the rhythm and sound of words in What Are You Laughing At? Brad is himself a L.A. screenwriter, so his tips come from an insider’s hand." — Mid-West Book Review

"At last. A how-to book by someone who actually knows how to." — Larry Gelbart, Creator/Writer: MASH, Screenwriter: Tootsie

"Attention, aspiring writers! You’ll learn so much about the craft from Schreiber's book that you can skip school altogether and spend your tuition money on sex and drugs." — Tom Robbins, Author, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Jitterbug Perfume

"Some people are just plain funny. Some people don't know funny when it bites them in their collective ass. For the rest of us in the middle, this book might help. That is, if funny is your idea of a good time." — Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller

"Brad Schreiber has the rare gift of demonstrating the art of comic writing even as he teaches it. He's like one of those professors whose class you couldn’t sleep through. Laugh and learn." — Phil Proctor, Writer-Performer, The Firesign Theatre

"No joke. This is funny stuff. From aphorism to zany, Brad Schreiber has written an indispensable resource for all screenwriters and storytellers who want to make 'em laugh." — Screenwriter Magazine

About the Author:

Brad Schreiber is an author, journalist, screenwriter, producer, and consultant in Los Angeles. He’s been an arts and culture journalist for Entertainment Today since 1995 and he has also written for Daily Variety, and the Huffington Post.