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William Shakespeare: His life and work

William Shakespeare: His life and work
Your Price: $16.99 CDN
Author: Anthony Holden
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 267
Pub. Date: 1999
ISBN-10: 0349112401
ISBN-13: 9780349112404

About the Book:

William Shakespeare: His life and work is a popular, mainstream but academically rigorous biography of the millennium's most celebrated writer.

Who was William Shakespeare? How did the 'rude groom' from Stratford grow up to be the greatest poet the world has known? In the first popular biography for a quarter of a century, Anthony Holden sifts fact from legend to create a fresh, vivid portrait of the greatest and most celebrated of writers. He recounts how Shakespeare's life was as colourful, varied and dramatic as his works: the Warwickshire country boy who 'disappeared' for seven years before fetching up in London as an apprentice actor... whose fellow players could scarcely keep up with the plays he turned out for them... who rapidly became a favourite at the court of Elizabeth I... and returned to Stratford a prosperous 'gentleman', proud to realize his father's dream of a family coat of arms, before his death at 52.

Wearing his considerable learning lightly, Anthony Holden brilliantly interleaves the poets own words with the known facts to breathe new life into a story never before told in such absorbing detail.

What people say:

"Holden's book is lively, readable and lit with real enthusiasm for the play and poetry. It should reach a wide audience who will be fascinated by the riddles which make up Shakespeare's life story." — The Observer

"Deserves its place in the turbulent and constantly expanding firmament of Shakespearean studies." — The Times

"The virtue of Holden's book is that it reads fluently, with the unpretentiousness and pace of a good historical novel ... What it achieves is what Anthony Burgess managed in his novel Nothing Like the Sun: it makes the subject loose, idiosyncratic, vivid." — The Guardian

"There's no denying the precision with which he nails his narrative with a well-chosen line. And those lines tend to be good." — The Sunday Times

About the Author:

Anthony Holden is an English writer, broadcaster and critic, particularly known as a biographer of artists including William Shakespeare: His life and work.