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WomensWork: 5 Plays from The Women's Project

WomensWork: 5 Plays from The Women's Project
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Edited by: Julia Miles
Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Book Publishers
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 312
Pub. Date: 2000
ISBN-10: 1557830290
ISBN-13: 9781557830296

About the Play:

HARD TO FIND BOOK, only a very limited number of copies are still available.

Julia Miles founded WP Theater in New York City in 1978 as the Women's Project Theater, an organization dedicated to combating the under-representation of women artists working in the American theatre. Since then WP has produced more than 600 plays. In WomensWork, she selected the work of five women playwrights, offering a vibrant range of styles and themes, that were presented on the stage of The Women's Project.

Ma Rose by Cassandra Medley: There are three generations of African American women in this autobiographical play. The title character is the daughter of freed slaves, proud and stubborn and fiercely independent. Her middle-age daughter is timid and resentful, a cleaning woman who has worked to achieve respectability. Her granddaughter Rosa, has shed history and family as she climbs the corporate ladder of executive success. The generations are held in suspended conflict until Ma Rose's rapid descent into senility alters the balance of power. Finalist for the 1988 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. (Cast: 4 women, 1 man) "A warmly funny play." — New York Post

Five in the Killing Zone by Lavonne Mueller: The play revolves around five young men from different backgrounds who are medics in Vietnam and must learn to cope with the tragedies of war. Finalist for the 1987 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. (Cast: 5 men) "[Lavonne Mueller has] a sensibility to be cherished ... with an arresting scabrous vision of the American way of death." — New York Times

Etta Jenks by Marlane Meyer: The story of an out of town actress who comes to Hollywood to become a film star. In order to finance her demo reel she shoots a skin flick, and then slowly submerges into the LA underworld of drugs and porn, where dealers, directors, gangsters and wannabes circulate around each other in dangerous proximity. Winner of the 1987 Joseph Kesselring Award and a Finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn Award (Cast: 4 women, 5 men with doubling) "The ancient story turned into a sardonic, eye-openning plunge into a contemporary netherworld." — New York Times

Abingdon Square by Maria Irene Forenes: Named after a scrap of land less than a third of an acre in size, Abingdon Square showcases the transformation of a young orphan girl, Marion, amidst a backdrop of a changing New York. Winner of the 1988 OBIE Prize. (Cast: 3 women, 5 men) "What Forenes does is force us to see [the story] new, with the uniqueness and emotional weight it would have if it happened to our own relatives." — Village Voice

Mill Fire by Sally Nemeth: The mysterious causes and devastating effects of a steel mill explosion are seen through the eyes of a defiant young widow desperately in need of closure. Who is to blame for the tragedy? It is the steel mill with their economic pressures? As she wrestles with her memories, her conflicting emotions carry her through a stunningly beautiful search for meaning in her life. (Cast: 4 women, 4 men) "...a tense, brooding piece, a cross between a thriller, a social documentary...." — The Times (London)

About the Playwright:

Julia Miles (1930-2020) was an influential theatrical force for decades, making her impact felt in New York City theatre and especially in the lives of women theatre artists. She founded the WP Theater (formerly Women’s Project Theater) in 1978, an organization dedicated to combating the under-representation of women artists working in the American theatre. Since, its mission has remained constant: develop, produce, and promote the work of women artists (and now female-identifying and trans artists) at every stage in their careers. More than 600 Off-Broadway productions later, the theatre has fostered the careers of many who would go on to win Tony Awards, MacArthur "Genius" Grants, Pulitzer Prizes, and every other award that you can think of.