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Wordsmythe: Screenwriting Essentials - A Tutorial Designed for the Beginning Screenwriter

Wordsmythe<br>Screenwriting Essentials<br> by Jana Williams Wordsmythe: Screenwriting Essentials - A Tutorial Designed for the Beginning Screenwriter
Your Price: $39.99 CDN
Author: Jana Williams
Publisher: Wordsmythe
Format: DVD
Pub. Date: 2008

About this DVD:

If you are a beginning screenwriter, but are confused about how to start, you’ll really enjoy Wordsmythe: Screenwriting Essentials, an instructional DVD geared to first time writers.

This comprehensive 3-hour DVD illustrates the myriad of decisions a screenwriter faces in crafting a screenplay; including creative titling, condensed loglines, bold character creation, plot point and script structure approaches, strong endings, and editing tips.

Wordsmythe: Screenwriting Essentials is a must-own for screenwriters looking for valuable instruction with a cutting edge – all from the mind of an industry professional.

Testimonials about her seminars:

“When I signed up for a Wordsmythe seminar with Jana I had no idea how positively the seminar and her expertise in screenwriting would impact my script.”

“Every writer really should have a coach who is approachable and professional.”

“Jana’s years in the film industry have given her the skill set to help shape your script while always being clear that it is your story to tell.”

About the Instructor:

Jana Leigh Williams is a published novelist and sometime playwright, and has been writing screenplays for the better part of a decade.

Jana brings a broad knowledge of storytelling and of the film industry to her writing and teaching experience. Her background includes stills photography, high-speed motion picture photography for the US Navy and more recently as a post production coordinator for feature films and VFX.

She currently teaches at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver and throughout the Pacific Northwest with her independent seminars on screenwriting.