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The Writer's Advantage

The Writer's Advantage
Your Price: $21.95 CDN
Author: Laurie Scheer
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 147
Pub. Date: 2014
ISBN-10: 1615931988
ISBN-13: 9781615931989

About the Book:

Don't limit your story! Learn how to tell it seamlessly across multiple platforms in today's rapidly changing transmedia universe.

There are many books that assist writers with their craft, structure, and formatting, all of which are important. However, there does not exist a guide for writers to understand the evolution of their genre. In order to preserve good storytelling within a transmedia environment — a 21st century marketplace that includes different groups of consumers with short attention spans across various platforms — today's writer must master the history of their genre. By understanding where and how your genre has emerged you will develop your own authentic texts and these fresh, genuine concepts will stand apart in a media landscape that is muddied with copycat material.

The Writer's Advantage by Laurie Scheer assists you in examining your ideas and then developing them through analysis. By mastering your favourite genre and learning practical techniques for avoiding prequels, sequels, remakes, and reboots, you'll learn how your genre of choice can work for you. Subtitled A Tookit for Mastering Your Genre, in this book you will discover fresh ideas and find a totally new storytelling environment in which to pitch your ideas.

What people say:

"Every page of The Writer's Advantage offers remarkable discoveries on the art and craft of writing. Most significantly, Laurie Scheer seems to have cracked the code on why some Hollywood films hit and others completely miss the mark." — Dara Marks, script consutant and author of Inside Story

"Laurie points to a high road for genre-loving writers, in which they can not only participate in the forms they admire, but also make fresh contributions that no one has ever imagined, and even spin out completely new genres and styles that others will have the fun of exploring and expanding one day. Enter her world with a sense of wonderment, and you will be rewarded." — Christopher Vogler, author of The Writer's Journey and a former Fox development executive

"Laurie Scheer's The Writer's Advantage is without a doubt the best resource that I've come across for writing genre regardless of medium. With a focus on transmedia storytelling, Scheer's book is both accessible and also a master class in story development." — Stefan Blitz, editor-in-chief, Forces of Geek

About the Author:

Laurie Scheer is a former vice president of programming for WE: Women s Entertainment. She has worked as an assistant, development girl, and producer for ABC, Viacom, Showtime, and AMC-Cablevision. She has also been involved in producing digital-based forms of entertainment. Laurie has been an instructor at numerous universities across the U.S. from UCLA to Yale. She has served as a judge for numerous screenplay competitions, film festivals, and the International Emmy Awards. She is part of the faculty at UW-Madison's Continuing Studies Writing Department and the Director of their annual Writers Institute.