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Acting 2.0

Acting 2.0
Your Price: $19.50 CDN
Author: Anthony Abeson
Publisher: Smith & Kraus
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 165
Pub. Date: 2016
ISBN-10: 1575259028
ISBN-13: 9781575259024

About the Book:

Anthony Abeson one of the most respected acting coaches and teachers at work today. His has conducted group acting classes and private coaching for actors in New York City for over thirty years. His actor-training is an amalgam of his work with Peter Brook, Jerzy Grotowski, Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, and Harold Clurman. Many of his students have gone on to successful careers in theatre, film and television.

In his book Acting 2.0 he discusses the consequences of the American acting culture's emphasis on using rather than developing talent. The subtitle, Doing Work That Gets Work in a High-Tech World is indicative of one of the main thrusts of the book. An actor's goal is to increase the humanity of the audience by virtue of the actor's own humanity. But the humanity of the actors, so essential to the humanity of their audiences, is under assault from the pervasive, dehumanizing influence of technology. In the opening of his book he says "I want to empower you with practical tools with which to do good work that gets work in the room, work on the stage, and screen that inspires all of us. Work that arouses not prurience or violence but that precious something, intangible but of inestimable value, that is being destroyed from our lives: our humanity." This is also an attempt to remind actors of their ancient and magical heritage as runways of the human spirit and thus to counter the overemphasis on looks and Twitter followers in casting.

What people say:

"Anthony Abeson helps his actors find the honesty in every moment. So for any actor to just have a moment with Anthony or a class with him, or by luck, have his words to read and reread, one will be twice or three times the actor for it." — Jennifer Aniston

"Anthony Abeson's contribution to the world of Theater and Film should be appreciated and respected by all who reap the benefits of emotionally connected and moving performances by his former and future actors." — Ian Somerhalder

"Thank you, Anthony Abeson for turning my weaknesses into strengths and always believing I had the Universe inside of me." — Vicky Jeudy

"If you choose Mr. Abeson you choose freedom and success. He is the last bastion of hope for the American actor. I am forever a disciple." — Reno Wilson

"Anthony Abeson is my secret weapon. Working with him has raised my game in ways inumerable. I don't walk onto a set or into an audition room without his principles guiding me." — Herri Saum

"An actor can't help but flourish and deepen their work just by talking with Anthony, sitting in his class, and now, by reading his book. I became truly alive as an actor after studying with Anthony, and I am forever grateful to him for this." — Jimmy Wolk

About the Author:

Anthony Abeson is a highly credentialed acting coach and teacher based in New York City. After graduating from Columbia University and membership in the Directors Unit of the Actors' Studio, he went on to direct theatre companies in New Zealand, New York and Washington, D.C. With directors Peter Brook and Jerzy Grotowski, he participated in theatrical projects in France, Poland and the US before returning to New York to join the drama department of the High School of Performing Arts (the "Fame" school) where he taught students like Jennifer Aniston and Esai Morales, among many talented others. He is the author of Acting 2.0: Doing Work That Gets Work in a High-Tech World.