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Hollywood 2D Digital Animation: The New Flash Production Revolution

Hollywood 2D Digital Animation: The New Flash Production Revolution
Your Price: $43.99 CDN
Author: Sandro Corsaro and Clifford J. Parrott
Publisher: Thomson Course Technology
Format: Softcover, with companion CD-ROM
# of Pages: 238
Pub. Date: 2003
ISBN-10: 159200170x
ISBN-13: 9781592001705

About the Book:

Animation has changed. No longer satisfied to reign as the standard for the Web, Flash is powering its way into television and feature films. This book describes why Flash represents the future, offering an efficient way to create amazing broadcast animation. Throw in its ability to drive down the costs of production to a mere fraction of the cost for traditional methods and you've got an a winning combination. Hollywood 2D Digital Animation introduces you to the world of Flash animation, taking you through dozens of examples and production techniques to explain how you can effectively utilize Flash for your broadcast needs. This full-colour book is loaded with incredible, original animation and artwork and echoes with the voice and experience of professionals in the animation industry — from feature-film directors to Web pioneers.

Hollywood 2D Digital Animation provides a rare insight into Flash production models from major studio networks such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Nickelodeon, including budgets, schedules, salaries, labour issues and production flow.

What people say:

"This innovative book is the definitive source for producing broadcast Flash animation." — Iwao Takamoto, Vice-President, Hanna-Barbera, Creative Design

"A great book for the budding animator." — Flash Magazine

About the Author:

Sandro Corsaro serves as Creative Director for Disney Online, a unit of the Walt Disney Internet Group. He oversees innovative online initiatives, including the flagship Web site. Prior to joining Disney in 2006, he worked in creative development for a number of other leading entertainment companies, such as Warner Bros. Animation, MTV Networks, and Sony Pictures. Specializing in Flash animation, he has created projects for Fortune 500 clients such as Intel, Mattel, and Universal.

Clifford J. Parrott has worked on a Flash-animated feature film for Revolution Studios, episodic TV animation for Comedy Central, and broadcast commercials.