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Master Shots, Vol. 1: 100 Advanced Camera Techniques to Get an Expensive Look on Your Low-Budget Movie

Master Shots, Vol. 1: 100 Advanced Camera Techniques to Get an Expensive Look on Your Low-Budget Movie
Your Price: $35.95 CDN
Author: Christopher Kenworthy
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 241
Pub. Date: 2012
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-10: 1615930876
ISBN-13: 9781615930876

About the Book:

One of the best just got better! Since its release in 2009, Master Shots has rocketed to the top of the charts as one of the finest books on filmmaking. In this revised and expanded second edition, every image has been digitally remastered for clarity and additional text has been written as a direct response to feedback from readers of the first edition.

Master Shots by Christopher Kenworthy gives you everything you need to execute complex, original shots on any movie budget. It will teach you a way of seeing, so you'll be able to create knock-out shots, even when you're on the set and under pressure.

Most low-budget movies look low-budget, because the director is forced to compromise. By using powerful master shots and well-executed moves, you can develop a strong style and stand-out from the crowd. Use the secrets of the master directors to give your film the look and feel of a multi-million-dollar movie. The set-ups, moves and methods of the great directors are there for the taking. Now start shooting!

What people say:

"Good books on film directing are rare, specifically books which focus on staging and framing challenging sequences like action scenes and chase scenes. In this engagingly written book, with helpful illustrations from actual films, Chris Kenworthy goes a long way towards bridging this knowledge gap. Essential for beginners or those looking for a refresher before (or during) their next film." — Christopher Riley, author of The Hollywood Standard

"A great how-to manual for anyone who must communicate with directors. Whether a director, writer, actor, designer, or producer, Master Shots helps you think about storytelling from the camera's perspective, making you a better filmmaker and collaborator." — Chad Gervich, TV writer/producer, Reality Binge; author, Small Screen, Big Picture: A Writer’s Guide to the TV Business

"THIS BOOK SHOULD BE BANNED! These are the best tricks and and secret techniques of professional directors. Why should they be given away for a few dollars?" — John Badham, director, Saturday Night Fever, WarGames; author, I’ll Be in My Trailer

"Master Shots gives every filmmaker out there the blow-by-blow setup required to pull off even the most difficult of setups found from indies to the big Hollywood blockbusters. It's like getting all of the magician's tricks in one book." — Devin Watson, producer, The Cursed

"Kenworthy has captured the unwritten and visual language of the moving picture in this essential reference tool. Techies, directors, and writers should read this book to practically and collectively harness this powerful language." — Deborah S. Patz, Executive in Charge of Production, Magician

About the Author:

Christopher Kenworthy has worked as a writer, director and producer for more than ten years. Born in England, he currently lives in Australia, but also works on projects in Europe and the US.

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