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The Stanislavski System

The Stanislavski System
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Author: Sonia Moore
Foreword by: Joshua Logan
Introduction by: John Gielgud
Publisher: Penguin
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 96
Pub. Date: 1984
ISBN-10: 0140466606
ISBN-13: 9780140466607

About the Book:

The classic handbook on the Stanislavski method.

The Stanislavski System, written by Stanislavsky's student and prominent Stanislavsky scholar, Sonia Moore, has long been a favourite among students and teachers of acting.

As a young woman, Sonia Moore studied at the Third Studio of the Moscow Art Theatre under the direction of a protégé of Konstantin Stanislavski, Evgeni Vakhtangov, whom Stanislavsky had called his "greatest disciple". In 1940, she came to the United States. She founded the Sonia Moore Studio of the Theatre in New York City, where the revered teacher trained actors in the theatrical principles and theories of the Russian director, whose approach incorporates spiritual realism, emotional memory, dramatic and self-analysis, and disciplined practice. Lord Laurence Olivier and Sir John Gielgud (who wrote the preface to this manual) were both famous original practitioners of Stanislavsky's system.

Through her non-profit organization, the American Center for Stanislavski Theatre Art, she sought ways to promote Stanislavski's legacy through her own evolving theory and practice. Her first book, The Stanislavski Method (later revised as The Stanislavski System), was written to simplify Stanislavsky's collective teachings. Often omitted from the list of notable acting teachers in America, such as Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, and Sanford Meisner, her quest to reveal Stanislavski's work faithfully and to train American actors in the Method of Physical Actions, places Sonia Moore appropriately in the company of these teaching legends.

In light of books and articles published in Russia, Sonia Moore made revisions in this updated 2nd edition of The Stanislavski Method, including a new section on the subtext of a role. She points out that many present day Method actors who completely neglect their physical training fail to realize that Stanislavski considered creativeness on the stage as the organic blending of psychological and physiological processes. She provides detailed explanations of all the methods that actors in training will find indispensable:

• emotional memory
• physical actions on stage
• imagination
• concentration of attention
• tempo-rhythm
• building a character

Designed to create better actors, The Stanislavski System by Sonia Moore will put individuals in touch with themselves and increase personal sensitivity as well.

What people say:

"The details of method together with excellent exercises to be performed are admirably clear. This volume is highly recommended." — Library Journal

"The book is clearly written and the author provides exercises for each of the main areas she deals with." — Kirkus Reviews

About the Author:

Sonia Moore (1902-1995) was a Russian-born American actress, writer and acting teacher. Born Sophie Evzarovna Shatzov in Gomel, Belarus, she studied at the Moscow Art Theater. She survived the Russian Revolution and the Stalin-era purges of World War II from which she escaped in 1940, defecting to the US. An expert on Stanislavsky, for more than 30 years she ran the American Center for Stanislavsky Theater Art and the Sonia Moore Studio, where she trained actors in the theatrical principles and theories of the Russian director and also researched his writings.

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