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Iron Peggy

Iron Peggy
Your Price: $17.95 CDN
Author: Marie Clements
Publisher: Talonbooks (cover image may change)
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 104
Pub. Date: 2020
ISBN-10: 177201253X
ISBN-13: 9781772012538
Cast Size: 2 South Asian female, 3 Indigenous male

About the Play:

Iron Peggy is a full-length drama by Marie Clements. Her first play for young audiences, Iron Peggy is about boarding-school bullies and Indigenous soldiers in World War I. A powerful play that will appeal to audiences both young and old, Iron Peggy was written to commemorate the 100th-year anniversary of World War I and celebrates not only Indigenous participation in the war effort, but also a young girl's personal victory.

Iron Peggy follows Peg, a ten year old British girl, of both English and Indian parents, who's new to a private all girls boarding school in London. There are three "It" girls who are bullying her and make her life utterly miserable. With her father constantly travelling and a deceased mother, her only solace is the letters she gets from her beloved Grandma in India. One day Peg is pulled from class and receives devastating news that her Grandma has died. Later when she returns to her room, a package sent from her Grandma before she died arrives at Peg's door. Inside lonely Peg finds three cast-iron Canadian soldier figurines. In despair, she throws them against the floor. How can they help her? They are so small and the girls' shadow is so big. But, miraculously the toys come to life as Indigenous Snipers from World War I, just in time to encourage her to face her bullies by fighting to make things better and to open up her heart. An extensive study guide is included.

Iron Peggy premiered in 2019 at Waterfront Theatre during the Vancouver International Children's Festival.

Cast: 2 South Asian female, 3 Indigenous male

What people say:

"A bold and often refreshing take on the ... bullying theme ... It is ultimately refreshing to see a show targeted at young audiences truly reflective of the world they (we) live in today." — Vancouver Presents

"An inspiring show that celebrates the heroes we can't forget to remember." — The Peak

About the Playwright:

Marie Clements is an award-winning Métis/Dene performer, playwright, screenwriter, director, and producer who has worked extensively in and across a variety of mediums including theatre, performance, film, new media, radio, and television. She writes, or, perhaps more accurately, composes, with an urbane, incisive and sophisticated intellect deeply rooted in the particulars of her place, time and history.