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Je Me Souviens

Je Me Souviens
Your Price: $15.95 CDN
Author: Lorena Gale
Publisher: Talonbooks
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 95
Pub. Date: 2001
ISBN-10: 0889224536
ISBN-13: 9780889224537

About the Play:

Finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award for Drama (Canadian equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize), 2002.

Je Me Souviens is a powerful dramatic monologue by Lorena Gale. She remembers, by reconstructing for the audience, her childhood and coming of age as an African-Canadian in Montréal.

Lorena Gale's autobiographical protagonist is unabashedly one of those spoil-sport ethniques who, for political factions led by the likes of Parizeau, undermined and destroyed the separatist pur-laine vision of a new Québec nation, sparkling and clean in its coat of only three colours — the seamless snow-white of the landscape, the royal blue of the sky, and the golden yellow of the sun (king), all allusions to the symbology of the imperialists who founded this new nation, this new France.

In a dream-sequence / folksong which is played in ironic fragments between the voices adopted by the actress, Lorena Gale lyricizes the long, parallel process of rediscovering her self, first as a dark speck on the horizon where pure white meets pure blue, then finally as a full-grown adult, whose race, gender and class are far more definitive of her person than the vapid dreams of the neo-nationalists of the late 20th century.

Cast: 1 woman.

What people say:

"Je me souviens is a valuable text for anyone interested in contemporary Québec history or the ongoing struggle to establish and define Québécois identity…." — Canadian Literature

About the Playwright:

Lorena Gale (1958 to 2009) was an award winning actress, director, and writer. Born in Montréal, she was active in stage, movie, and television acting since the 1980s. Her most memorable stage performances include Normal Jean in The Coloured Museum, and Hecuba in Age of Iron at the Firehall Theatre, for which she received both a Jesse Richardson Nomination and Award. She also acted in several A-list movies, including Fantastic Four, The Chronicles of Riddick, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. She guest starred on TV programs such as The X-Files, Smallville, and Kingdom Hospital. She also starred as "Priestess Elosha" on the SciFi Channel television program Battlestar Galactica.

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