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The Art of Voice Acting: Craft and Business of Performing Voiceover

The Art of Voice Acting: Craft and Business of Performing Voiceover
Your Price: $43.95 CDN
Biz Bestseller!
Author: James R. Alburger
Publisher: Focal Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 516
Pub. Date: 2019
Edition: 6th
ISBN-10: 1138391611
ISBN-13: 9781138391611

About the Book:

If you're interested in doing voice-over work or just improving your communication skills, then The Art of Voice Acting is for you. This internationally acclaimed book is used as a theatre arts text book by more than a dozen colleges and universities in the U.S. alone.

Voice acting is any work done by an actor who is heard but not seen – from the narrator in a movie trailer or commercial to the voice that prompts customers to enter their account number when they call the bank to verify their balances.

Are you just starting in Voiceover? Do you have some experience, but aren't getting booked? Are you a working pro who wants to expand to new areas of Voiceover work? James Alburger is the author of The Art Of Voice Acting and is arguably the father of voiceover entrepreneurship. This essential book is packed with expert advice on job opportunities and career management tips; it is the ideal resource for anyone wanting to maximize their success in the industry. From basic acting techniques and exercises for keeping the voice in top condition, to marketing and promotion of the actor, The Art of Voice Acting covers it all.

James Alburger has updated the now classic The Art of Voice Acting with a substantially reorganized and expanded fifth edition. Complete with a companion website and QR codes that link directly to additional material such as audio for every script included in the book, more exercises, and voice relaxation techniques, this is the complete package that gives voiceover actors, and those in related fields, a clear, no-nonsense introduction to the business and art of voice acting.

The Art of Voice Acting is a must read if you are serious about a profession in voice over and looking to maximize your efforts for success in the business. New and updated in this edition:

• All new scripts and voice exercises
• More voice and acting techniques
• Coverage of new trends, including online demos and online auditions
• Additional coverage of audiobooks and new information on home studio technology
• All new contributions from some of the top voice talent in the world

Written in an accessible and engaging style James Alburger shares his experience as a performer, producer, director and performance coach to give you a clear no nonsense introduction to the business and the art of voice acting.

What people say:

"I started using The Art of Voice Acting when I was teaching a Voice and Diction class as my acting school, and after reading [the] book, I restructured it into a "Voice Acting" class. The amount of free web links inside is worth more than all the Voice Acting books on the market. I understand why it's considered the bible of Voice Acting. I have recommended it as "The" Voice Acting resource for my students and fellow aspiring voice actors ever since. I have [this] book to thank for the foundation of my training. Thanks Jim for inspiring me to pursue my Voice Acting dream." — David Letendre, voice actor and coach

"All actors/speakers should know and use what is contained in this text to develop and expand their career options. Well written, right to the point...." — Choice Magazine

""If there was ever a voice actors bible, this is it. James Alburger covers all the bases. From the business of voiceover to performance techniques, demos, marketing, and more. I've read it cover to cover multiple times… and have several copies as well! James and his book have helped my career immensely. No matter what stage of this great career you are at right now, The Art of Voice Acting is a must read." — Chuck Davis, voice actor

"Required reading at my weekly Denver Voiceover Class is James' classic text, The Art of Voice Acting. Student at The Acting Studio get lots of value from his artistic guidelines and marketing tips. What a deal." — Bill Smith, Director of The Acting Studio

About the Author:

James R. Alburger has worked with hundreds of voiceover artists as a voice actor, director, performer and studio engineer in Los Angeles and San Diego. For 25 years, he was a director and audio producer for NBC in San Diego, receiving eleven Emmy Awards. Following his television career, he moved into professional voiceover and creative services. He has received numerous Omni Intermedia Awards, the Communicator Award, and multiple Silver Microphone Awards for his work. He also conducts workshops, seminars, and private coaching for voice-acting and effective business communication.