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Unbeatable Harold

Unbeatable Harold
Your Price: $14.95 CDN
Author: Randy Noojin
Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 26
Pub. Date: 1989
ISBN-10: 1583425209
ISBN-13: 9781583425206

About the Play:

Unbeatable Harold is a one-act comedy by Randy Noojin. On their five-month anniversary, Harold, the Asst. Manager of the Wagon Train Steakhouse, is going to propose marriage, and Wanda, a waitress there, is going to break up and leave her job to work at the skating rink.

Unbeatable Harold is about a young man with big dreams. Harold and Wanda have been dating exactly five months now. They work together at the steakhouse, and for Harold life seems full of potential. "Anything's possible. No matter how far-fetched or unbelievable." And now he's reaching for the stars. "Hand puppetry, as you know, is my dream. I'm training hard, my grades are competitive and I feel I have more personality in my little finger than most of those others guys have in their little fingers. And in puppetry that's important." And now he's popping the question. "Dream, Wanda. With your waitressing skills and my leadership potential there is not a restaurant in the world we couldn't work at. Dream." But Wanda has other ideas. And another job. At the roller rink, Harold is mature and understanding. "Maybe I'm just too normal, but to me it seems weird. What's this all about, Wanda!" What's Unbeatable Harold all about? "All right, Harold you wanna know what it's all about? Okay, I'll tell you what it's all about. It's about – it's about music. And a mirror ball and it's about lady's choice and doin' the Hokey Pokey and turning yourself around. That's what it's all about." A comedy for actors who wanna have fun.

Unbeatable Harold was commissioned by Actors Theatre of Louisville and first produced in 1986 by Shorter College in Rome, Georgia. The play was subsequently produced off-Broadway in 1988 at The Raft Theatre on Theatre Row in New York City and continues to produced regularly nationwide.

Cast: 1 woman, 1 man

What people say:

"Harold and Wanda charmed the audience. Noojin has written a script that gives these very ordinary dreamers a wonderful dignity. Our players gave them a life that the audience completely engaged with. There were audible moans when Wanda turned down Harold's proposal. The hemorrhoid scene, however, has to be one of theatre's funniest moments." — Hugh Anderson, Dover Bay Secondary School

About the Playwright:

Randy Noojin is an American actor and playwright. He has acted in hundreds of plays in regional theatres, Off- and Off-Off Broadway in New York and in film and television. He had a 30-year working relationship as actor and playwright with Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre (SART) in Mars Hill, North Carolina. He holds an MFA in Performance from Arizona State University and an MFA in Playwriting from The University of Iowa’s Playwrights Workshop.